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The invaders again attacked the long-suffering Kherson and Zaporizhzia.

Explosions are heard in Zaporizhia and Kherson.

It states “General“.

In social networks, they write that an enemy UAV is probably flying over Kherson. Locals mention hearing automated queues. Also, a video of the sky over Gerson during the shelling appeared on the Internet. Perhaps, the invaders used incendiary bombs.

Local telegram channels reported that 6 simultaneous explosions were heard in Saborigia.

According to the Telegram channel “Dust” The invaders again “closed” Zaporizhia with S-300 air defense systems.

Later, Oleksandr Starukh, head of Zaporizhzhia OVA reportedThat the Russians attacked the outskirts of Zaporozhye with rockets again.

“As a result of the arrival of the plane, there was a fire in the objects of the civil infrastructure. According to preliminary data, one person was injured. The relevant services are working on the spot,” said the head of OVA.

The purpose of the S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems is to destroy aircraft and intercept anti-ship and ballistic missiles. However, the Russians stealthily attack civilian ground targets near the rear of the line of contact with the S-300. The Ukrainian air defense S-300 missile is so difficult to intercept that the Russians are switching to the “surface-to-surface” class.

It was from the S-300 that the Russians opened fire on a maternity hospital in Vilnius, Zaporizhzia region, in November. As a result of impact A boy born two days ago died.

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