If your package cannot be delivered, we will forfeit your money. Police investigating fake text messages, what to look out for? | Czechia

Veronika from Prague gives me such an experience. She texted me when I was really upset. When I logged into the tracking system at esk pot, it said that it couldn't actually deliver the parcel and had to send it back to the sender from the depot, she described the Lidovky.cz server, then the call center said. The delivery address was correct, but the ban moved. Incomplete data was cited as the reason.

This fraudulent SMS, Police R. Frauds using the Esk match identity are investigated and impersonation of its official communications is one of the many we register and deal with, said Police Presidium spokesperson Ondage Moravk. He said that this type of Gatorone is a rip-off of PPV.

According to Eskin, there are some such fraudulent SMS. However, senders are mainly interested in one thing: removing bank details from two orders.

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