How to recognize a rare 200 from 1993? It costs 400,000. The main shiny piece

The Czech crown has been an integral part of the country's monetary system for a quarter of a century, and nearly 600 billion crowns are in circulation. However, not all banknotes are created equal; Some people hold secrets that are worth more than their face value.

The 200 koruna banknote issued in 1993 is one such hidden gem that, if you're lucky and have a certain personality, can significantly improve your family budget. Behind everything lies a personal fault. But you need to know how to recognize a rare banknote.

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A mysterious piece of metal

In 1993, after the split with Slovakia, the Czech Republic urgently needed its own currency. An unexpected error occurred during the production process at the State Printing Office of Valuables, setting the stage for a remarkable story. The security strip, a basic component of banknote production, was wrongly delivered from Germany. Even more interesting was the inscription “Republic of Zaire” on the metal pieces, referring to the exotic African state.

Roman Veselý from AUREA Numismatics ŽivotvČ Explains: “It's a two hundred crown from 1993 with a security band that says Republique du Zaire. They made a mistake, they took another piece of metal. The majority were caught, but a few pieces made it into circulation.” The banknotes are highly sought after by collectors for their rarity and unique appearance, and their value can reach 400,000 kroner.

The hunt for “African” banknotes

The exact number of 1993 John Amos Comenius and Republic du Zaire 200-koruna banknotes in circulation remains a mystery. Collectors recognized their potential value in time, which led to the rapid withdrawal of unique banknotes from circulation. Today, it is estimated that 30 to 100 pieces of “African” banknotes may be in circulation. The chances of coming across any of these hidden treasures are slim, but as they say, luck favors the prepared.

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