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Zelensky listed the points needed to defeat the Ukrainian aggressor.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyi spoke about his visit to Kherson and called on Europe not to delay in helping Ukraine, as Russian malice is destroying populated areas in Ukraine from the face of the earth every day.

He said this during his address to the participants of the European Council meeting on March 23.

Zelensky recorded his address on the train and spoke of his visits to Kharkiv and Kherson. He emphasized that the front line cities are being destroyed continuously by the Russian occupation army.

The President stressed that Europe has not submitted to the tyranny of the Russian Federation and is ready to resist aggression. He urged allies not to delay in helping Ukraine.

“Time is of the essence. Not just months and weeks, but even days. The faster we work with you, the more lives we save. More than a year into the full-scale war, our cooperation with you continues to grow. Was there a catastrophic delay between our actions? But, we are a “We are moving toward a common goal — you and I have acted to stop Russian terrorism,” the president said.

The President thanked all the countries that joined the effort to supply ammunition to Ukraine.

“I am especially grateful to you for your active participation in the initiative proposed by Estonia and approved by all of you regarding the supply and production of projectiles for our artillery. Russia has less chance when Ukrainian guns hit the aggressor. Implement its genocidal policy against Ukrainians and other Europeans,” the president said.

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Zelensky called on the world to give up Ukraine Long-range missilesTo prevent strikes in peaceful towns.

“But don’t you think, dear colleagues, that there are less new victories with you than new delays in joint operations? Unfortunately, that’s the case. And the Kremlin sees it. It’s moving us further away from achieving peace. I’ll be there now. Despite the fact that every hour on the battlefield counts, for Ukraine The delay in the delivery of long-range missiles is already significant. And it does not allow us to rule out the positions of Russian terrorists, especially five examples of such delays. “We cannot delay the transfer of weapons to our soldiers who can defend against constant Russian terrorism,” he stressed.

Zelensky thanked Poland and Slovakia for transferring MiG-29s, but insisted that Ukraine should prevail. Modern fighters are needed.

“Remember how much Russian intimidation was when replacing Leopards and other modern tanks. Ukraine already has more modern tanks than our soldiers had before. So what was Russia’s response? We all have to get. The state-terrorist abuses more often than they can increase. Ukraine And all the evil against the whole of Europe Russia was capable of and was already doing,” he asserted.

The President also said that the countries of the world should implement it More sanctions against Russia And do it immediately.

“The formula for peace, The Ukrainian peace formula I presented in the fall. This is the only realistic and comprehensive plan to restore Ukraine’s territorial integrity and guarantee the security of our people and the whole of Europe. We have been talking to you for a long time about organizing the Peace Formula Summit. I am open to planning a summit in Kiev in the future. But unfortunately, we all understand very well that many leaders cannot come to Ukraine in the current situation. So please help with this. We can organize a summit in one of the world capitals – one of the European capitals. Would it not add global power to Europe? It will certainly add up,” the President asserted.

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Zelensky added that it is important now Do not delay Ukraine’s integration into the EU And explained that even under war conditions in our country, all institutions are working.

“Ukraine is ready for the decision to start negotiations on becoming a member of the European Union already this year. The same preparation is needed by all of you, dear ones – the main one, every leader of Europe. Ukrainians should see you. Be prepared and motivated. That the defense of European values ​​by our soldiers is truly supported throughout Europe. to feel,” the President said.

We will remind you that Volodymyr Zelenskyi visited one of the region’s energy facilities during a working trip to the Kherson region.

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