Maps of the battle on January 20 – the Russian army probably advanced east of Kubiansk

Operation number 1 – Luhansk region

On January 20, Russian troops recently advanced along the Kubiansk-Svatovo-Kremenna line. Geospatial images released on January 20 show Russian troops capturing Krokhmaln (20 km northwest of Svadovo).

Geolocation video released on January 20 shows Russian troops advancing just east of Ivanovka (20 km southeast of Kubiansk) and just east of Zholodarivka (17 km south of Kremenaya).

Russian and Ukrainian territories continued to fight for status

  • in the region of Sinkivka and Petropavlivka, northeast of Kubyansk;
  • southeast of Kupyansk in Tabaivka district;
  • northwest of Svatovoy in Berestovai district;
  • west of Kremenaya in Terni and Yambolivka region;
  • in the Hryhorivka and Serebryansk forests southwest of Kremenaya;
  • In the south of Kremenaya in the region of Filokorivka and Verknokamyansky.

According to ISW, significant Russian gains along the Kupyansk-Svatovo-Kremenna route could also be indicative of a major Russian offensive effort in the area, based on the positional struggle on this front the previous year.

Operation #2 – Donetsk region

Russian troops have recently advanced into the southwestern part of Baghmut. Geolocation video released on January 20 shows Russian troops recently advancing in a small area of ​​forest northwest of Klishivka (southwest of Pakmut).

Ukrainian and Russian sources report on the war

  • Northwest of Bakhmut in Bohdanivka region;
  • West of Bagmut in Ivanovo District;
  • In the region of Klishivka and Andreevka, southwest of Pakmut.

Russian troops reportedly advanced on the southern outskirts of Avdiivka on January 20. Several Russian military bloggers reported that Russian troops had captured the Ukrainian side of the Tsar's Hunting restaurant (500 meters south of Avdiivka), entering Chernyshevsky and Sportivnaya Streets and advancing north along Soborni Street towards Avdiivka.

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Russian and Ukrainian sources continue to battle for status

  • Northwest of Avdiivka in Stepovoi, Novopakmutivka and Novogalinovo region;
  • west of Avdiivka in the region of Severny and Donenko;
  • In Vodiani, Bervomaisky and Nevelsky region, southwest of Avdiivka.

Positional fighting continued west and southwest of Donetsk on January 20, but there were no confirmed front line changes in the area.

Russian and Ukrainian sources reported on the battle

  • west of Donetsk in the region of Dharkivka and Meringa;
  • Novomykhailivka district southwest of Donetsk.

Some Russian sources said Russian troops were focused on blocking the Maryinka-Vugledar road O0532.

“South Axis”

Russian troops have made little progress near the border of the Donetsk and Zaporozhye regions. A geotagged video released on January 20 shows Russian advances limited to the southeast of Uroshani (10 km south of Velika Novosilka).

Russian and Ukrainian sources said the pitching battle was ongoing

  • south of Zolotaya Niva (southeast of Velika Novosilka);
  • In the south of Velika Novosilka near Urozhayny and Staromayorsky.

On January 20, Russian and Ukrainian troops continued to battle positions in the western part of the Zaporizhia region.

Russian and Ukrainian sources reported that fighting continued in the Robotini region and Verbovoi region east of Robotini.

Ukrainian troops maintained their positions on the left bank of the Kherson region on January 20, but there were no changes to the front line in this area.

Volodymyr Zalto, head of the Kherson region's occupation administration, said Ukrainian forces had recently resumed crossing the Dnipro River by force after the river's ice melted.

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The British Ministry of Defense has estimated that Russian forces may continue efforts to dislodge Ukrainian forces from positions near Grynykiv in the coming weeks.

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