Hairdresser Tomáš Arsov is at home in the center of Prague. In summer, Pavlak is a blessing

Although the apartment is located in an old building and remembers the time when the house was a school, today everything is different, because the building has undergone a complete renovation and it has fully equipped modern apartments. One of the few reminders of the old days is the house lounge, which offers an opportunity to sit back and relax, especially during the summer months.

Although Tomáš lives on a high floor, thanks to the renovation he does not have to climb the stairs today, but an elevator brings every visitor to his door. His apartment has an area of ​​120 square meters and is the smallest apartment unit in the building as the other apartments are around 500 square meters.

“I don’t like new buildings that are all plasterboard and plastic, because it gives me something that doesn’t have a positive effect,” Tomas says, revealing his reason for being interested in a property in an older development. “I used to live in Karlin for some time and I had a beautiful apartment there and I really liked it. The owner of this apartment was my client and in 2018, when they finished renovating the house, she said that if I wanted to move here, she had free apartments here. She told me,” says the initially worried hairdresser. Not too keen on the high rent and move, however, the place eventually charmed him enough to stop hesitating.

“We came here to look, it was painted, because I saw space, freedom and light,” admits Tomas, for whom his current apartment was love at first sight. The final decision to move to the center was made when he discovered that the rent in Carlin was only a thousand crowns higher.

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White rule everywhere

Behind the front door, you enter a white painted porch decorated with many mirrors. The kitchen is connected to the living room and everything is furnished to give the room an airy and open feeling. At the time of the move, there was only a kitchen unit and a renovated parquet floor.

“It’s true that I set it up as quickly as I can live here, and I’m only gradually adding small things because my lifestyle and working life are very demanding. I’m practically always at work and traveling in my spare time,” said Arsov, whose kitchen has a dining table with four chairs, He added an electric fireplace, a bed and a mantel with bookcases. A framed photo of the owner of the apartment in front of the Eiffel Tower and flowers serve as decorations.

“For me, it’s not about quickly buying equipment in a store or inviting designers to my home. I have to enjoy it, I can say that I feel good here,” says Tomas, who likes lightness and light in his life.

Currently, in the bedroom you can find a double bed with a laptop, a wardrobe and a desk. In the future, Tomáš wants to remodel the bedroom, although he doesn’t have a concrete idea yet.

“I like earthy colors and clean design, and when I look at photos of bedrooms on social media, I see a million possible types and variations, and of course I like everything. I don’t want to rush yet, but the moment I’m sure, I’ll start,” revealed Arsov.

Of course, the apartment has a bathroom, in which the brand he founded, Tomáš Arsov, hair products and perfumes should not be missing. “I am the first hairstylist in the Czech Republic to produce and develop cosmetics myself,” she added.

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Feelings are very important

As Tomás considers himself to be a person who is mainly guided in his life by feelings, they are decisive for him when he establishes his own hairdressing salon in V Jame Street, located a short distance from Wenceslas Square. However, it was not entirely easy with hairdressing equipment, as many of the designs were similar to what the designer might want to offer a funeral or casino.

“Until the company Maletti, who owns the furniture for us, told us they knew a great architect from Armani in Italy. He flew to us and I spent the whole day with him. He asked me what I liked, what I wanted to do, what my life was like, so he “Everything about me. In a few weeks, we flew to Milan to see him, and he showed us the definitive design, according to which the salon looks like today,” says Arsov, praising the architect for meeting his taste and needs perfectly.

The owner spends most of his time in the salon, so it is very important to him that he and his customers feel good in it.

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