Gripens, Eurofighters and Airbus flew over the Czech Republic to celebrate the anniversary of joining NATO.

The planes flew through Prague in two formations, one after the other. The two met in an area from Svoko, where they formed two formations, and then together they continued along the Vltava River towards Prague.

According to Air Force Commander Petr Ebelka, it was primarily a symbolic celebration of Russia's entry into NATO. Each state is responsible for the protection of its airspace, but within the Alliance we share this responsibility. “We often help each other, and sometimes we represent this potential,” Ebelka said.

There are many benefits of flying. According to the army, this is an unusual sight for all fans of military technology, as it is the first time that these aircraft have met in such joint formations.

To determine values ​​for aircraft over Prague, Prague thermal inertia and noise level must be taken into account. That's why we don't use a minimum permissible age, but choose something that makes flying safe and at the same time attractive, said Michal Dank from Air Force Command.

The army added that because of the tense situation in NATO's eastern flank, procurement of supplies for the formal flyover has been very difficult.

At this time, it is very difficult to agree with the Allies on the aircraft of the two systems, because the units are actively engaged in full operational circuits on the front line. Therefore, it is important to highlight here the contribution of my German colleagues who, as usual, once again supported me to the maximum in our operation, said Michael Goodin of the Combat Training Department of the Air Force Command.

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