Govt vows to 'clear doubts' of petitioners: Justice minister talks of new 'incentives'

Provision of certain types of administrative services is limited to conscripts without military registration documents.

Ukraine's Justice Minister Denys Maliuska said the government was working to ensure the proper work of the DCC, while at the same time “stimulating” evaders and dispelling doubts about the need to fulfill their obligations.

about this reported “We are Ukraine” channel.

The minister explained that some types of administrative services would soon be available only after providing military registration documents.

“Various ministries are now making changes to Cabinet of Ministers resolutions that will establish a military registration document as a prerequisite for the provision of certain administrative services. That is, the government will try to ensure that the law exists. Those who want to protect Ukraine equally for all are not in a worse position than those who do not,” noted Maliuska.

As a reminder, some parents with multiple children will lose their right to defer from mobilization. The regulation will come into force after the new Act on Mobilization comes into force.

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