In Polica nad Metují, a car drove into people near a supermarket, injuring eight people, including children.

Police officer Iva Kormoov told that the accident happened in the parking lot of the Penny supermarket. Idea's breath test ruled out alcohol consumption. Bina accidents It flies. According to the car of firefighter Martina Gitis, people hit the line.

According to the tracks on the road, the vehicle left the roundabout in the direction of the supermarket, where it entered the pavement. At the supermarket, people were queuing in front of a counter with a bakery when a car crashed into it. It ended up with a damaged front bumper.

The Rescue Service of the Krlovhradecky Region reported that seven people were injured. Firefighters and a policeman later said the rest were eight. Idi and the children were also injured when a helicopter airlifted one of them from the city to a hospital. Rescuers from surrounding towns also helped, for example, two policemen from Brumo.

Firefighter Gtzov said, “We helped at the scene, but we didn't have to evacuate anyone.” According to him, two fire brigades, HZS Velk Po and JSDH Police nad Metuj, participated in the event.

Id not remember the accident

The man who drove his car into the crowd was in a bad condition and does not remember the accident, said the mayor of Tidis, G Cope (ODS). For him, it's not about the mind.

Magdalna Kenov, a saleswoman from an ice cream stand, saw him driving towards her and wanted to drive him to the pet store. This means he was driving from the roundabout in the direction of the supermarket and should have turned left before the ice cream shop, instead he drove into the shop next door to the bakery, said Kenow, whose ice cream shop is next to the bakery. She estimated the speed of the car at 30 and 40 kmph.

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According to them, there was a long queue of children and mothers at the outer wall at that time. Then I heard the sound of the car hitting a metal wall. According to him, a 4-year-old boy and his mother were seriously injured in the car collision. Kenow testified that the children appeared drunk. idi dajn replied that he had an eclipse.

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