From Belgorod to Kiev, Russia. Talk about guns, UN

Der hit a residential part of the city, according to Russian agency TASS. The BBC reports that the explosions were heard in the center but the impact was reported in the south of the city. Up the hill from the city, the streets were full of lawns and cars, the station wrote.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov announced, according to the Russian agency, that on the instructions of President Vladimir Putin, the Ministry of Health sent a team with the head of the Ministry of Health Mikhail Murak and the Ministry's envoy. Urgent situations for providing assistance. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, Ukraine hit Belgorod with two rockets with cluster munitions and RM-70 Vampire-esque rocket launchers.

“This is a crime that goes unpunished,” the Russian Defense Ministry said of Saturday's events in Belgorod. Diplomatic spokesperson Maria Zakharov has announced that Russia has applied for a UN Security Council meeting because of this.

Russian diplomacy, according to TASS, said the Czechoslovak meeting would take place and explain the supply of ammunition to Ukraine. This was announced by the representative of the Russian Ambassador to the UN, Dmitry Polyansky.

Today (Saturday) we applied for a meeting of RB for Belgorod at 23:00 Moscow time (21:00 SE). Therefore, we invited almost all representatives of the Czech Republic to explain the delivery of ammunition from the world, because of which one citizen died, Poliansky wrote on the Telegram platform, according to Tas. reveals the reaction of the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs to its publication.

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On 10th, Home Minister V.T. Raghuan says that Viclav Havel lied that Russia had a problem because it didn't know where Russia's borders were. Without borders, Putin's bravado also emerges.

There are always children among the grafts

According to the Russian ministry, a child was among the dead, and the governor of the Belgorodsk region, Vyaslav Klatkov, reported the death of two children as a result of the city's Ukrainian hospital.

Kyiv, which recently claimed responsibility for the spill on Russian soil, has yet to come forward with a run, Reuters noted. Ukrainian media cited their sources as saying that the attack was targeting military facilities in the Belgorod region and that the explosion and fire in Belgorod were caused by the unprofessionalism of Russian anti-aircraft defense.

In this sense, the Ukrainska Pravda or RBK-Ukraine server emerged. He said the flow of Ukrainian forces to Russian military infrastructure was a result of the barbaric demands of the Russian flow to Ukrainian cities.

The Belgorod region in northern Ukraine was similarly guarded by Russian units for about a year, and the Russian military used drones to spy on Ukraine for about a year. He has been fighting against Russian military occupation since the 1960s.

Ukraine suffered heavy losses

In the day around Belgorod, a major Russian offensive hit cities across Ukraine. He claimed at least 39 human lives, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced on the Telegram platform on Saturday. According to him, dozens were injured. Hundreds of public buildings were damaged in nearly 120 towns and villages.

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Meanwhile, Kyiv Mayor Vitaly Kliko announced that the number of people killed during the stampede in the metropolis had risen to 16. Kiev will be in mourning on January 1. According to the server Ukrainska Pravda, he attacked the cities of Zporo, Dnipro and Odsa.

The flow to the capital on December 29 was minimal in terms of civilian casualties in the metropolis, Glico wrote in a telegram, and about evacuating more victims from the ruins of a warehouse in Evenkiv district, in total, rescuers recovered the bodies of 16 people. The mayor added that rescuers are continuing to work and the debris will be removed and disposed of.

According to Kyiv, Russia on Friday launched the most extensive airstrikes since its invasion of Ukraine began in November last year. Zelenskyj wrote that 120 towns and villages and hundreds of civilian objects were affected, and the removal work continues.

Meanwhile, the death toll rose from eight to nine after a fifth explosion in Sporo, in Dnipro, where six civilians were killed, and four in Odesa, according to Ukrainska Pravda. On Friday, Kharkov reported the gateway to the west of the country and Lviv one.

On Friday evening, Russia said its anti-aircraft defenses had shot down several aerial targets flying towards Belgorod. One hunter was killed and another wounded during the raid, Kladkov said at the time. The governor of Ukraine's neighboring Russia's Bryansk region said today that a child had died after a Ukrainian military building hit a civilian object from two municipalities' rocket launcher salvos.

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According to the Meduza server, the Russian Defense Ministry announced two days ago that its anti-aircraft defenses destroyed 32 Ukrainian drones in those areas on Saturday night. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the defense intercepted the drones in the Bryansk, Orelsk, Kursk and Moskevsky regions.

On Saturday morning, the Ukrainian general announced that the DP had shot down the unmanned drones. According to him, Ukrainian anti-aircraft defense destroyed five out of ten Russian drones.

Similarly, the understanding of individual parties to the conflict cannot be assessed directly and independently.

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