Forest Nursery has cut away from wholesalers and cooks from farms and local sources

That the introductory slogan of Fair Play Zlín's connoisseurs is not just words is proved by the diverse menu for their own forest nursery, in which they have sixteen boarders. However, she doesn't just cook for them, she regularly delivers a total of one hundred and fifty portions to other private kindergartens, schools and children's clubs in Slin.

“Cooking for children is a big challenge because children are very conscientious eaters and have instant, sometimes very cruel, opinions. They will cook without thinking about whether they like it or not. Our chef Zara Ban has a great influence on the children in the kindergarten. Play in the forest nursery kitchen is very popular. One of the activities. People often sing, rap, beatbox or listen to music here,” Tomasz Cerny from Fair Play Slin Forest Nursery told Brava with a smile.

How hard is it to get a silver medal for school catering? “From September 2023, we started to build supplier relationships with ten important farm suppliers. We learned to create menus depending on the current offer of the farmers, to plan procurement, distribution and storage of raw materials, to achieve a final ratio of fifty percent of book value of raw materials from farms and five percent of raw materials in organic quality. ,” explained Černý.

Photo: Tomáš Černý, Law

Chef Zara Pan at Fair Play Zlín Forest Nursery

It was only after five months that the kindergarten was able to meet the silver targets. “We have gradually succeeded in replacing basic conventional ingredients from Makro – all meat, dairy products, root vegetables and fruits, eggs, bread flour and others – with local ingredients from local suppliers,” noted Černý.

And which foods did the children at Slinn Forest Nursery like best? According to Černý, children return less food to their plate with pea porridge without flour. “We serve it here with fresh Vienna onions and our own sourdough bread and homemade pickles. Indian-style red lentils with herb pizza bread and salad are also popular. Herb cream sauce also sizzles. From snacks, to pea spread, bean brownies and other homemade pastries and breads I will,” explained Černý.

Photo: Tomáš Černý Archive, Law

The team at Fair Play Slin Forest Nursery

Fair Play Zlín is the first in the Zlín region to receive a silver medal in the program “Skutecčné zdravná škola”. At the same time, it is a young kindergarten that has been cooking for only the second school year at the Ecocenter in Velikowa near Slin. Not only the children, but also their parents show satisfaction with the good food at the Slin Kindergarten, they follow the food prepared every day on social networks, with a description of which farm products were used.

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