Folks dare to say that girls are girls and boys are boys. And wonderful

Ondřej Benešík, a member of the People’s Republic of Lithuania, received a considerable amount of insults on social networks because he boasted of a photo of his son from a party in Slovakia, attributing to the situation there: “Girls are girls and boys are boys. 76 No one cares about genders.” “You’re a piece of shit,” he tells MP. Vita Rakušana Barbora Urbanová, STAN deputy and former assistant to the STAN President, joined the news for Benešík.

Folks dare to say that girls are girls and boys are boys.  And wonderful

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Description: People’s representative Ondřej Benešík shared a photo of the party in Slovakia.


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Those in the government coalition did not hide their conservative position on the issues of sexual minorities, and together with the civil democrats, they have long expressed their opposition to the introduction of marriage for same-sex couples or rejected the insistence. The existence of multiple genders, some contributors in social networks do not take it well and do not want to spread insults due to opposing views.

Touching on the LGBT topic and the question of the existence of dozens of genders, People’s Deputy President Ontaj Benesic believed this when he supplemented his photo from parties in Slovakia with comments about the situation there. “Chasing the party at lunch. The eldest son is old. Totally normal parties in Slovakia. Girls are girls and boys are boys. 76 No one has solved the gender problem,” reported the deputy.

He subsequently received many insults in the comments. “As a folklorist, I will tell you that you are a piece, and I would like to see that girls and boys can marry,” he said.

A similar expression appeared several times in the discussion. “The Czech Republic is a beautiful country. Even a complete moron can be a member of parliament and make decisions about other people’s lives… However, the SPD would fit the bill here,” another commenter wrote.

“A limited religious frenzy represents a practically dead party. A Slovakian étemic will hardly survive. Don’t be outraged by this fanatical Catholic. I pity those for whom this servant of God is fighting. I pity God who has to see this, Mr. Benacic, abominably,” it continued.

And everything continued. “Girls are girls, boys are boys, you’re an idiot,” one man told the mate.

Pavel Novotný (ODS) took part in the debate and was one of the few debaters who did not use any profanity in his contribution to Benešík. “A beautiful observance of tradition. The concept of gender is unnecessary,” he opined.

STAN MP and former assistant to the STAN leader, Vita Ragusana Barbora Urbanova appeared, commenting on a post by one of the debaters who asked Benacic if he was “violating tradition and values” when he was gay and still attended parties. “What about that dear old man at the party? Ain’t he a fool?” asked. “Now that you’ve said that, the gay census will begin…” Urbanova, who voices marriage for same-sex couples, answered him.

After another wave of insults, Benacic asked the debaters, who often flaunt it, to be tolerant. “To everyone.”

The People’s Party has long opposed marriage for same-sex couples and opposes the Istanbul Convention, which, according to party leader Marian Jureka, “has no fundamental reasons why we should recognize this convention”, and instead, the People’s Party has criticized it. , says the document “contributes to gender ideology”. A different point of view – unlike the other parties in the government coalition – the People’s Party, for example, has their campaign against the partial legalization of cannabis.

However, the party currently has internal conflicts over its future direction, and its liberal part does not think that same-sex marriage or the rejection of the Istanbul Convention should be a major issue, or even that some of the party’s younger members think these topics should not be. Rejection, but rather, support.

The rift between the young and the old erupted in their inner party forum recently. Reported by SeznamZprá serverDerisive expressions such as “čunkofleci” appear towards conservative party members from the younger part of the party, referring to the conservative attitudes of the senator and former leader of the KDU-ČSL, Jiří Čiunec.

Agriculture Minister Marek Výborný should raise the issue of the party’s direction, as he expressed concern that rejecting marriage for same-sex couples or the Istanbul conference “doesn’t like it” today, and voters are keen. Other topics. “I firmly believe that respect for a different approach, freedom and understanding should be part of the genetic makeup of modern conservatism. I find it wrong that KDU-ČSL has a constant tendency to turn valuable topics into a conference or a wedding,” according to Výborný SeznamZprá , accused his colleagues of “overlapping positive topics” in question.


Author: Radek Kodas

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