A 1980s priory in Prague Castle will be demolished and replaced by a multifunctional house.

“Prior’s building dates from the 1980s, and the technical facilities are still original, except for the reconstructed track on the ground floor. Prague 12 does not have the money to renovate the building, which is why it decided to find a partner to collaborate within the framework of a PPP project (Public-Private Partnership), Prague 12 spokesperson Petra Svobodova said.

It is BAK stabní společnost that applied for the concession procedure together with the international company Savills. Instead of the Priory in Modřany, he plans to build a multi-functional building with a new department store, two floors of commercial units, one floor for offices or surgeries and four floors of city apartments. After fulfilling the conditions, the concessionaire has the right to buy back part of the land and then sell the commercial units and flats to third parties.

According to the spokesperson, the district will receive rent every year, which will be at least 10 million crowns after the building is completed. With a concession agreement for 50 years and 2% average inflation, the city district will receive more than 845 million crowns in its budget.

“After three years of work, I am happy that the concession activities have been moved until the concession agreement is signed. Many negotiations took place with those interested in the concession, it is necessary to fully prepare contracts, business and financial models and possible compensation in case of any failure. I believe that this will be another successful project of Prague 12. ,” said Petr Šula (ODS), First Deputy Mayor of Prague 12, responsible for the concession procedure.

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“Normal apartment building, low quality architecture”

However, Pirates of Prague 12 and the Greens aren’t nearly as optimistic. However, the problem isn’t the franchise agreement the Pirates agree to as a whole.

“Basically, it says that the building will be the property of the municipal district and will be leased to a concessionaire for 50 years and the whole building will be revitalized as per the proposal of such concessionaire. We feel this solution is realistic and appropriate,” V said. An open letter to coalition representatives.

However, they are critical of the resulting shape of the item, which they say arose out of competitive dialogue with a handful of bidders. “Unfortunately, the proposed proposal cannot be summed up, thanks to the very loosely set functional area limits, we got at first glance a normal apartment building. They will not develop the area, instead of new approximately two hundred apartments and a low-rise that does not fit with the urban center of a modern, developing residential district. “Quality architecture carries the needs of residents,” they explained.

Additionally, the settlements built will not be urban, but commercial.

In the letter, the Pirates expressed their desire for a new, better-staffed competition to design a successor to the current predecessor, supplemented by an urban planning study. According to them, in addition, only one applicant applied for concession for 50 years.

BAK Piráti was also mentioned as a sponsor of ODS, but the mayor of Prague 12, Vojtěch Kos (ODS), strongly opposed this. “BAK never sponsored ODS Prague 12 in its lifetime, and what you suggest (referring to John Adamek, former mayor (Pirates) of Prague 12, Editor’s note) is disgusting. For me, instead of PRIOR, shops, post office, offices and apartments I am happy that a functional new shopping center with apartments will be created,” he wrote in the comments. Piráti Praha 12 Facebook page.

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server Defender of the State However, he gives the pirates the truth. BAK stabní společnost, actually a sponsor of ODS, donated 950 thousand crowns for the party.

“You worked with us for three years, set the parameters of how many commercial spaces, offices and apartments there should be, and now you are doing it unregistered Neznalky,” Kos commented.

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