Exchange rates for April 2: How much is the dollar and euro worth on Monday?

The National Bank of Ukraine was raised Official dollar exchange rate. However, the value of the single European currency fell.

This is proof Information On the website of the regulator.

By Tuesday, April 2, the regulator The official exchange rate of the dollar was set at 39.07 hryvnias per dollar.. The official rate on Monday was 38.99 hryvnias per dollar. In the money market, the exchange rate decreased by 5 kopecks – 39.40 hryvnias per dollar.

On Tuesday The official exchange rate of the hryvnia to the euro is 42.13. On Monday, April 1, the official exchange rate of the hryvnia to the euro was 42.16.

Exchange rate for April 2

It is known that the average annual exchange rate of the dollar is set at 40.7 hryvnias in the state budget for 2024.. Inflation is pegged at 9.7% in 2023 from 28%.

Formerly an expert on the Economic Discussion Group In an interview with TrueUA, Oleg Pendzyn explained it The future exchange rate of the dollar depends on when Ukraine will receive macroeconomic funds. Also, funding norms will reflect on the state's ability to fulfill its social functionsThe economist stressed that activities “Today we are hostage to the conditions for receiving macroeconomic assistance.”

We will remind, NBU The possibility of linking the hryvnia to the euro is being considered Instead of a dollar. This is due to the increasing demand for euros in foreign exchange transactions, which account for almost 50% of non-cash transactions.

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