Firefighters made hundreds of trips because of the storm. Lightning strikes Olomouc and Mělnick on fire – ČT24 – Czech TV

Inside Central Bohemia region Firefighters intervened heavily in Nymburk, Příbram and Mělnick between eight and nine in the evening. “Later, we intervened several times in Mladoboleslavska, where the storms returned,” said John Sikora, spokesman for the Central Bohemian Fire Department.

Since five o’clock on Wednesday afternoon, firefighters in the area have recorded about a hundred weather-related events. “In 74 cases, they helped remove fallen trees, and in thirteen cases they (firefighters) pumped water,” the spokesperson noted.

About 7,500 homes in the region were without power overnight Wednesday. “The worst situation was in Nymbursk, Mladoboleslavsk and Příbramsk, where we recorded eleven high-voltage faults and fault crews went out and worked all night,” said ČEZ spokeswoman Sona Hollingerová. All items have now been recovered.

Two fires after a lightning strike in Olomouc

Firefighters inside Olomouc region They had to go outside for a fire caused by lightning. The fire broke out in Sternberg, where it hit a workshop next to the family home. “We are protecting the nearby family house and surrounding buildings. According to the estimate, the damage will be around 2.8 million,” Olomouc Fire Department spokeswoman Lucie Balážová wrote on the X social network last night.

The workshop was struck by lightning shortly after midnight and six fire brigades rushed to the spot. “During the firefighting operation, the roof structure caved in and collapsed into the building,” Balasova said. According to him, the protected values ​​are close to six million.

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Later, firefighters also went to a fire on the roof of an agricultural building in Unico’s local area of ​​Dolny Sukolomi. “The 15 x 10 meter reconstructed building was extinguished by five units. According to the investigator, the damage is 400,000 crowns, the saved value is more than 1.5 million,” said the spokesperson.

Firefighters intervened in more than two dozen incidents in connection with storms in the Olomouc region overnight. They mostly removed fallen trees. In Bělkovice-Lašťany, the local fire brigade had to pump water from the basement of a family house after it gushed from a nearby field. Also firefighters cleared the drain. They are also removing a mature tree that has fallen from an apiary at Konica in Prostejovsk.

A tree fell on the railway track in Partubis area

Firefighters inside Part of Partubis, they need to remove fallen trees and branches or protect damaged roofs. For example, strong winds in Opatovice nad Labem broke branches, felled trees and damaged part of a roof. From Opatovice in the direction of Lázní Bohdaneč and Pardubice, he uprooted several logs, which fell on the road. A similar situation existed near Přelouč.

“In the Srutim region, he trapped vehicles in the forest when a tree fell and blocked the road. In Svidavska, near the village of Kvetna, trees fell halfway across the road,” said Miroslav Polak from the Burtubis Regional Fire Rescue Service.

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The tree also disrupted rail traffic between the villages of Petrovičky and Týniště nad Orlicí in Orlickoústek and Pomezí in Svitavska. Firefighters have already removed the barricades. At Burdubice they had to pump water out of a flooded elevator shaft.

power cut

In the Pardubice region, energy specialists registered six faults in high voltage lines in the regions of Pardubice – Doubravice, Slatiňany, Chrudimsko, Polička, Svitavy. Hundreds of families were gradually left without power.

V Hradec Králové region Energy specialists recorded five failures, namely in Trutnovsk, Náchodsk and Hradecky. “At the moment, we are working to eliminate the last outage in Trudnovsk. The outage was caused by strong storms, wind, trees, fallen branches on power lines, and heavily waterlogged terrain,” said ČEZ Group spokeswoman for East Bohemia, Sarka Labakova Berankova.

Firefighters mainly cleared fallen trees and branches on roads. A tree fell on the railway line near Petroviec in Rychnovska. The train stopped safely in front of the tree. Firefighters are also removing a tree that fell on the railway line between Václavice and Vrchoviny in the Náchod area. “Here, too, he was able to stop the train in time and there were no injuries,” said fire brigade spokesman Radek Menkl. In the village of Prostřední Staré Buky in the Trutnovsk region, lightning ignited and destroyed a shed, the damage was about 20 thousand crowns.

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The situation in Prague

A strong storm also affected the State Opera on Wednesday Prague. For example, water got into the storage of musical instruments. “Some of the sewage was released by the pressure of the water, which means the water actually poured into the basement,” said Martin Kavka, a spokesman for the Prague Fire Department.

“Because there is still water in many areas, the cleanup of the damage is not yet complete or on a large scale. Only here they found out where she went and what damage she did,” said ČT editor Kateřina Trnková. He said the opera house’s staff had to walk through the premises with flashlights as firefighters cut off the power for safety reasons.

The editor also said that the building cannot be shot at the moment. “The rules apply to everyone. A musician came here for his instrument and he wanted to pick it up or find out what its condition was. However, he was not allowed to do so on the grounds that it was dangerous,” explained Trnková. It is now determined whether the water has entered the return table, or the rotating grid on the rails.

The storm also disrupted traffic at Prague’s main train station, flooding check-in halls, shops and ticket offices. In the capital alone, firefighters attended eighty cases, mostly involving draining water from cellars or disposing of fallen trees.

W Slin area Firefighters are also cutting down trees and soaking up water. Regarding the weather, they recorded almost twenty events from 22:00 to 23:00 when the situation calmed down. All escaped unharmed. The storms mainly affected the area around Valašské Meziříčí, regional fire department spokesman Adam Fuksa said.

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