The execution house in Vovsansk – the organizer was informed about the suspicion

Circumstances of the case

A 36-year-old citizen of the Russian Federation, a member of the terrorist organization “LNR”, together with other military units of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, after a full-scale invasion and occupation of the territory of Ukraine, a part of Kharkiv, captured the “Vovsan Bulk Plant” complex.

It was converted into the Russian Federation’s largest torture chamber in the region. Patriotic citizens who refused to cooperate with the invaders were brought there from the surrounding settlements.

What happened in the torture chamber?

According to eyewitnesses, more than 500 people were subjected to physical and psychological abuse and mutilation in the largest torture chamber found in the de-occupied territories.

Among the prisoners of the Russian invaders were old people. People were held here for months, with some prisoners illegally detained for more than half a year. On the walls of the torture chamber, prisoners marked the days, weeks and months of their captivity.

“Information about the citizens who stood against the Russian invaders was taken from the prisoners. The defenseless people were mercilessly tortured: they were electrocuted with wires attached to different parts of the body, they were beaten with rubber sticks, their nails were pulled out,” the report says.

Photo: Kativnya and a fighter (

Cops added that people who endured these atrocities scratched symbols of torture and words of prayer on the walls.

Foreigners also went to the torture chamber

Among the victims of Russian war criminal atrocities are seven Sri Lankan citizens who studied at a medical college in Kubiansk before the Russian Federation’s full-scale invasion of Ukrainian territory began.

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Escaping the occupation, they traveled to Kharkiv in March 2022, but were detained by the Russian army on the way. The occupiers took the foreigners to a wholesale plant in Vovsansk and held them in cells for 4 months. Foreigners, like other prisoners, were subjected to physical and psychological violence.

What threatens the “LPR” fighter

Based on the collected evidence, the suspicion of cruel treatment of citizens of Russia was reported, which was committed by a group of individuals based on a previous conspiracy.

For committing the specified offence, the suspect can be jailed for up to 12 years. The investigation is ongoing and police are gathering evidence to implicate other people in this war crime.

Death camps in Kharkiv region

After several settlements in the region were liberated, law enforcement officials discovered several torture chambers. Military and civilian prisoners were held there.

At the time, it was reported that the police had discovered a prison in Vovsansk (Kharkiv region) where Russian soldiers had tortured civilians. The Russians kept people in subhuman conditions.

In the Kharkiv region, namely in the village of Veliki Burluk, law enforcement officers discovered a torture chamber of Russian soldiers. The invaders turned the police station into a fortress where they tortured the townspeople.

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