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The European Union wanted to agree on an allocation of 50 billion euros to Ukraine in December.

Kyiv could receive the first tranche of 4.5 billion euros of European aid already at the beginning of March. Earlier in the day, EU member states unanimously adopted a four-year plan – 50 billion euros of macro finance. Loans and grants will support the Ukrainian budget and, in particular, help pay salaries and pensions.

That's according to a story by Radio Svoboda reporter Zoryana Stepanenko exclusively for TSN.

Allotment to Ukraine 50 billion euros in the EU He wanted to admit it in December. But then the Prime Minister of Hungary did not allow it. His counterparts from other European countries agreed to a new meeting in Brussels, which was not scheduled. They gathered here only to save the Ukrainian budget and overcome the Hungarian veto. This came as a surprise to many even before the summit began.

Western media learned from their sources Emmanuel Macron and George Maloney – For weeks, if not months, we have been in contact with the Prime Minister of Hungary. The French president was interested in Orbán's views on how to integrate eastern countries into the EU. According to diplomats, the approach was talk, not confrontation — and it worked.

33 billion in loans and 17 billion in grants and subsidies. The package has been four years in the making, and neither Orban nor his colleagues can promise it. and the Hungarian Prime Minister – insisted on the right to an annual review.

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“The well-prepared and determined pressure on the execution of the 26 EU countries – the 27th, while still sometimes looking for other solutions (I'm talking about Hungary and Prime Minister Viktor Orbán) – this changed. Part of this united society,” says Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk.

The EU is not tired of Ukraine, but Viktor Orban is, Donald Tusk said before news of the deal. And Estonia's prime minister pointed out the Hungarian economy's dependence on Europe. The pressure was felt. It comes amid reports that Brussels is prepared to reduce Hungary's rights in the EU if Orbán does not give in at a crucial summit for Ukraine.

After discussions, Charles Michael announced the deal. At the same time, Orbán said: he tormented everyone, because he received guarantees that the funds for Hungary would not reach Ukraine.

Ukraine will receive urgently needed funds. Final, formal action will be taken by the European Parliament at the end of February. Excerpt from New Collection – March. Cave reckons it will be four and a half billion, and RFE/RL's sources say they are preparing to send one and a half billion. The transaction plan is then adjusted jointly.

The European Commission will monitor and report annually on how Ukraine disposes of funds. Prerequisites for continued financial flow were defined at the summit: democracy, rule of law, prevention of corruption.

On Thursday, February 1, European Union leaders reached a deal to provide Ukraine with 50 billion euros in aid, after some leaders convinced their only adversary, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, to cancel it. His veto.

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Diplomats say European leaders were able to sway Orban to this decision because of three factors. There will be an annual report from the European Commission on the implementation of the aid package, a leadership-level discussion on the implementation of the package and, if necessary, after two years, the European Council will ask the Commission to make a proposal. Revision of the new budget according to the latest version of the draft European Council decisions.

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