Fiala: The discussion on the appointment of the European Commissioner, I understand that he will be proposed by STAN

The Prime Minister said this on CNN Prima News on Wednesday evening. He added that he had already started negotiations on what field the Czech representative in the new European Commission could have.

The Prime Minister recalled that after the last parliamentary elections, negotiations regarding the formation of the government were conducted on the basis of two coalitions. During the negotiations, according to Fiala, it was agreed that the European Commissioner would be nominated by a coalition of pirates and mayors.

“I understood from the discussion then that it would be a tent. But it's really up to the mayors and the pirates to clarify this among themselves,” he said.

Austrian: The treaty with Fiala is valid, I want a European Commissioner for STAN, the most suitable is Neruda.

Euro elections

Fiala wants the Czech candidate not only to carry out negotiations in the EU, but also to be nominated for a strong portfolio in the Commission.

“I am already holding some talks within the EU with my colleagues and representatives of European institutions,” the prime minister said today without elaborating. This will depend on the outcome of June's elections to the European Parliament, he said.

Fiala on December server Dení He said that only the STAN movement should propose the European Commissioner.

According to government spokeswoman Lucie Ješátkova's statement from last weekend, the prime minister has repeatedly confirmed in recent months that this was a pirate project with STAN.

No blank cheque, Vondra questions STAN's right to be European Commissioner

Euro elections

Deputy Prime Minister and President STAN Vít Rakušan told the server last week that he continued to believe in the verbal agreement with Fiala that his movement would propose a European commissioner.

He would consider Danusa Nerudova, who leads the movement's candidate in the European Parliament elections, to be the ideal candidate.

PIRATES leader and Deputy Prime Minister Ivan Bartos told ČTK in December that it made sense to propose two candidates for the post of European Commissioner, one for PIRATES and one for STAN.

Early last November, Pirates v Vote Marcela Kolaja, European Commissioner of the National Assembly, MEP and President of the European Candidate Party as a candidate. Industry and Trade Minister Joseph Sikela (STAN) has already emerged in the media as a possible candidate.

Věra Jourová has been working in the EU administration since 2014, currently in Ursula von der Leyen's Commission, where she is Vice-President and Commissioner for Values ​​and Transparency.

He is also involved in the management and coordination of the Europe Ready for the Digital Age programme. He was preceded by Czech commissioners Pavel Teleka, Vladimir Spitla and Stefan Fule.

Nerudova is the leader of the STAN party in the European elections


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