A ninety-one-year-old man without a driver's license could not control his car


After going through a fence, the car ended up in the garden of a house and the driver had to be freed from the car by firefighters.

A serious traffic accident occurred this morning in Karlovy Vary, Bohatice district. Here, after breaking through a brick fence, the Skoda passenger car ended up in the garden of a family home, where it crashed into a tree.

Emergency services were called to the scene of the crash as the very elderly driver was seriously injured and pinned.

Firefighters secured the scene of the accident, extricated the elderly man from the driver's seat and carried out firefighting operations. Fortunately, the rescuers took the elderly man to hospital with minor injuries.

“The driver of a Skoda, born in 1932, left the road for unknown reasons and crashed into a fence. He was breathalyzed for alcohol with a negative result, but during a subsequent seizure, the police discovered it. The man did not have a driver's license.” A police spokesperson told us about the accident.

Photo by HZS

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