The dealer has a solar connection diagram, the blue areas are filled

Status in specific areas can be monitored online web pages. This should help customers and installation companies find out what is possible in their area. In particular, it should eliminate situations where companies provide five-point proof in areas where this is currently not possible, EG.D said in a press release.

If the area is in color mode, it is a stump, where due to technical parameters, the connection is limited. But this does not mean that the house cannot be connected to a source without Petkov, explains Libor Cole, head of development and acquisitions at EG.D. Electricity generated by Bezpetok cannot be sent to Stump. Instead, the photovoltaic owner must store surpluses in the battery or consume them immediately.

According to Cole, the company is preparing investments, investing billions of crowns in the development and modernization of Kadoron, where it has potential. Five metal photovoltaic power plants will become five metal power plants in a few years.

The situation in the village of Rajharat near Brno. | Photo: EG.D

EG.D on the map the mode is marked, for example, the northern part of Rajharat village. Residents of the village of Popis in the Beclav region or Hovoran near Brno will face problems with the connection of the photovoltaics of Bedok.

It is publicized data, data that technologists work with. Cole said that once the technician finds that a given piece of land is suitable in view of the previous requirements, it is automatically transferred to the map.

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According to EG.D data, the highest power of renewable resources is found in South Moravian and Zlnsk regions. As of 2018, EG.D has installed 18,500 renewable energy sources, of which 11,500 were installed last year. The company reported a 430 percent increase in the number of international connections.

No prior map required

Distribution company EZ Distribuce has a connection map on its website. It is not interactive and cannot search for conditions in specific municipalities. On the other hand, the entire distribution of EZ countries is currently closed, which means that there should not be a problem in terms of distribution system.

The last domestic distributor for the PRE map did not and does not manufacture it. The company is currently in charge of Prague, where there are no problems connecting the photovoltaics.

In the metropolis, the situation for installing photovoltaic power plants is more complicated, due to the urban nature of the location. In general, there are few family houses, practically a day of free space on the ground for construction, and companies do not invest much in covering the roofs of their acres. In addition, distribution in the main city is denser and stronger than in villages in the countryside, so it is much easier to connect in Prague, said Karel Hanselka, press secretary of the company.

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