A Moldovan in a camp near Pilsen drank disinfectant and stomped on his roommate's head. He got probation

On Tuesday, the Plzeň-North District Court sentenced the foreigner to three years in prison, suspended for four years, for the attack, which lasted almost an hour, while releasing him from custody, on the condition that he oblige. Leave the Czech Republic within eight days and return here as soon as four years. Judgment is final.

According to experts, the defendant's recognition and control abilities at the time of the crime after consuming ethanol completely disappeared, and the court could not convict him of insanity for direct assault, that is, for grievous bodily harm. But he attributed his actions to drunkenness. “After ingesting ethanol as a substitute for alcohol, he deliberately brought himself to a state of insanity in which he committed a different type of crime,” the prosecutor explained.

Moldavian Teodor Glavan at the Plzeň-North District CourtVideo: Patrick Bishop, News

The incident took place in a corridor in the residential area of ​​the building. Security camera footage shows Klavan assaulting the victim multiple times in different ways in the presence of other men who always try to tear the victim apart.

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Klavane pleaded guilty before the court. “Unfortunately, I don't remember the fight and what happened before that. My friends told me that Alexey had a crush on my daughter,” said the stranger. Asked by the judge why he drank such a dangerous solution in the first place, he said it was the day his wife and daughter died, allegedly under strange circumstances.

According to Klavan, he came to the Czech Republic primarily for work and his safety. He obtained permission for half a year, and then the middleman disagreed, allegedly robbing him of part of his income. Since then, he has been working illegally and after being exposed, he applied for asylum in Moldova, saying he feared for his life. “They are looking for me and threatening to kill me. They already took my car and house. So I went to the Czech Republic,” said the Moldovan.

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The attack was allegedly carried out in response to an insult

The foreigner was sentenced to imprisonment for up to ten years. While imposing a suspended sentence, the court primarily took into account the fact that despite the undoubted severity and heinousness of the attack, it did not cause serious injury to the victim. “The defendant responded by attacking the actions of the victim who verbally insulted his daughter. This is a very complex client who has had problems with the facility's staff and other roommates. He provoked, destroyed property and was mean and aggressive,” Senate President Radek Vitra explained. According to him, the court also took into account the defendant's declaration of guilt, which significantly simplified and shortened the entire process.

Regarding the decision to expel Vaitra, he said it was also relevant for the safety of people in the Czech Republic. “If the defendant stays here and becomes intoxicated again, there is a risk that he will become aggressive as seen in the camera footage,” the committee chair concluded.

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