“Who's paying for that,” asked the woman at the Chevarka pub. The Austrian came in a hat “Ticky without censorship”.

Today at the full-fledged Sverka pub in Most, Interior Minister Vid Ragusan (STAN) asked for a call for resignation and praise during the third debate with citizens. The camps of supporters and detractors were basically balanced in the inn, which made the series very popular. Censorship dominated the main topics of the debate on the war in Ukraine without censorship, people asked about the introduction of the euro, postal elections, the value of pensions or a return to the dosimeter case. The Austrian described the debate as civilized and good. Hetman Jan Schiller (ANO) asked him a single question about life in the Ústí region.

The pub in the middle of the panel housing estate was occupied by those interested in meeting the leader of the STAN movement an hour before the seating began. There were people of different ages in the hall, among them local politicians or Danushe Nerutova, who will run for the European Parliament for STAN. The Austrian arrived long before the start and struck up an informal conversation with those present.

The first question from the public after the opening and tepid applause was about the dosimeter case. “I ask you to resign and to investigate the dosimeter case,” said the citizen, who said he had brought Austrian organized crime to the highest level of politics. The Austrian replied that the case was being investigated.

He asked the woman about Austria's discussions as to who would pay for all this

There were mixed opinions from observers about the war in Ukraine. Austria insisted that Europe should not stop helping Ukraine. “He who does not see that Russia is an aggressor and that Ukraine is a victim is blind,” the minister said. Some participants in the debate praised the Austrian for his approach to Ukraine. One of the panelists described the earnings of school cleaners and cleaners as humiliating. According to Austria, the government should give more importance to education. A woman from the plenary asked who pays for organizing debates and the costs of running them. This is our movement, said the leader.

There was also a debate about what constitutes censorship and misinformation, with people asking about the role of Prime Minister Peter Fiala (ODS) in corporate credit unions. “I think Prime Minister Fiala has explained the matter sufficiently,” the Austrian said. As for the European currency, he said he was in favor of the euro, and during a debate on the postal vote, he insisted it was only about sex abroad.

Governor John Schiller (ANO), most of the citizens, also spoke in the debate. He asked how Austria would solve the shortage of police officers and why police officers in central Bohemia were getting paid more. Among other things, the minister said about cooperation with the region and cities, for example, on the provision of housing. Other questions related to citizens' issues in the Ústí region, where pirates and mayors won 13.99 percent in the last 2021 parliamentary elections, remained unanswered by the public. In conclusion, the Minister thanked, the discussion was cultural and good.

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