DRG defeated in Belgorod Oblast – Volunteers respond

The Russian volunteers declared that they had no losses and explained how they were.

Vyacheslav Klatkov, the governor of the Belgorod region, released a photo of a “trophy” armored car that the Ukrainian subversive group is calling.

This is also reported on propaganda channels with reference to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation released a video with damaged equipment from the so-called “Ukrainian DRG”, which was infiltrated according to the agency and according to the statement of Russian Army General Igor Kanashenko. In the Belgorod region.

Russian volunteers responded to the video. They said they had no loss and explained how they were.

“We don’t know what equipment Mr. Konashenkov destroyed in his raids, but there were no losses to the Russian Volunteer Force. PS Regarding the photos of the killed “saboteurs” circulating on the Internet – our fighters are not wearing cartoon cameras. Pixels. This is for the record” – the volunteer’s statement said.

Meanwhile, volunteers noted that Putin’s forces did not win that day.

It is worth recalling that the Legion “Freedom of Russia” together with the Russian Volunteer Force “demilitarized” the motorized rifle company of the Russian Armed Forces and destroyed their armored vehicles.

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