Heavy rains flooded roads and house foundations in Moravia

Update: 23.05.2023 22:42
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Zlín/Prague – A storm hit the eastern Czech Republic on Tuesday with heavy rain. Firefighters from the Slin, South Moravian and Moravian-Silesian regions made dozens of trips because of the weather. They often pumped water and mud from cellars or removed fallen trees. Weather also caused traffic problems. Water and mud partially flooded the Zlín highway D55 near Otrokovice and Napajedel, making it passable with extreme caution. A warning against a possible rise in water levels is valid in the east and southeast of the Czech Republic until Wednesday morning.

Zlín is one of the areas most affected by afternoon storms. There, firefighters pumped water from underground sewers and cleared clogged drains. “At half past three in the afternoon, six units of firefighters were sent to Kwidkovica Street in Napajetli, where water from the surrounding field flowed into the area of ​​the local company, part of the slope collapsed and a large pool. Water formed in the warehouse buildings and threatened to flow into the buildings. In two hours, five “The units went to Otrokovice – Kvidkovice u Farmi Street, where a muddy pool also quickly formed and did not drain because the drain was torn. It was blocked,” she said. Facebook Fire Department spokeswoman Lucy Zavorikova.

Water and mud partially flooded the D55 highway near Otrokovice and Napajedel in the Slin region, making it passable with extreme caution. In the Zlín region, some underpasses were also flooded after the cloudburst. A van with a tow truck got stuck on the flooded road III/4973 near Odrokovice. Due to the effects of continuous rains, the flood group gathered in Otrokovice.

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In the South Moravian region, firefighters went to about 40 weather-related cases today. In 25 cases, they pumped water from fields or houses, in seven cases they removed trees, and in the rest they handled, for example, freeing water bodies. The largest number of departures were recorded in Znojmo and Brno, they said Twitter.

The effects of the weather were removed by the South Moravian firefighters, for example in Pripylavice in Brno, after heavy rain, mud from the fields reached the road, which was impassable. “It also leaked into some of the houses where we were removing furniture,” said fire department spokesman Peter Prikaski. By the evening, most of the problems had been eliminated, and by 8:30 p.m., all that remained was pumping water in Ratiskovice in the region of Hodon, Příkaský told ČTK.

The weather kept firefighters busy in the Moravian-Silesian region today. By evening, they had attended more than twenty events. “Mostly, we cleaned out clogged culverts and pumped basements, using bags to divert water away from family homes,” they said. Twitter.

Although the heavy rain stopped early this morning, meteorologists’ warning of rising water levels will remain in effect for the eastern and southeastern parts of the Czech Republic until Wednesday morning. A few streams can reach very low flood levels. “Due to the saturation of the area, the rare occurrence of secondary flooding in small streams cannot be ruled out,” reports the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (ČHMÚ). Around 21:45, the first phase reached Želetavka in Zemnica in Třebíčsk and Ropičanka near the village of Řeka in Frýdecko-Místek. This follows from hydrological data Website CHMÚ

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The weather is stormy

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