He discovered half of the melanomas late, until he was fully reimbursed by VZP

VZP told reporters on Tuesday that the release of other medical centers has been revealed. Until now, doctors have screened patients for free during preventive events such as STAN against melanoma. More than 3,100 people lined up in Prague and Brno this year. Of these, 25 were diagnosed with malignant melanoma and 60 with cancer.

In international comparison, we do not suffer, more than half of melanoma cases are caught in the village, in the so-called first stage. However, 45 percent of the late finds are still here, VZP board chairman Tom Philip (KDU-SL) said in a press release. VZP is the largest health insurance company with a customer base of 60 percent of the population.

According to Jan Bodnr, associate editor of VZP, the ability to diagnose an infection depends on the stage at which the infection is first discovered. First, 100 percent for the individual, and fourth, less than 30 percent.

Last year, according to VZP, more than 16,000 of their patients were not diagnosed with melanoma or another malignant tumor. Pojiovna paid 566 million crowns for their bag, so 90 percent of the castle is made up of a modern but financially valuable biological leader.

Prevention is necessary, sleep can be done

A preventive examination by a dermatologist usually costs between 500 and 1,500 kroner, depending on the size of the tattoo marks, and a full body scan can cost around 3,000 kroner. Health insurance companies must pay all insurance premiums from the preventive fund. VZP for 500 crowns.

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Last year 26,000 people applied for pension. During the years of the Covid-19 pandemic, the number of people with disabilities has decreased dramatically, and according to VZP, in 2020, they will decrease by 36 percent and by 29 percent in 2021. Experts estimate that even in these years, 400 melanomas go undiagnosed, otherwise preventive treatment would be given.

Big Stinder K can do it legally. People with light hair or a large number of pigmented marks have a one-third increased risk of developing melanomas. Attention should be paid to a birthmark with a diameter of less than five millimeters, its lid decreases, it has an irregular shape, it is dark brown, black or spotted.

Preventing the formation of a tumor is mainly to prevent exposure of the spleen to the sun. According to the study, a spleen and a cyst increase the risk of hernia by half in adulthood. People who are in the sun frequently or who do not use sunscreens, such as young women or men over the age of 55, are less likely to develop melanoma. Melanoma is more common on the trunk in men and on the legs in women.

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