Biden announced a deal reached in the US Congress on continuing aid to Ukraine

The U.S. president pledged that the majority of Republicans and Democrats in the House of Representatives and Senate support Ukraine.

On Sunday, October 1, US President Joe Biden expressed hope that Republicans would keep their word on supporting Ukraine and pointed to an agreement reached after the US Congress suspended a temporary government spending bill.

That’s him spoke During a press conference at the White House.

“They are [республіканці] “We will support Ukraine in a separate vote on financial aid to that country,” Biden stressed.

Biden pledged that the majority of Republicans and Democrats in the House of Representatives and Senate would support Ukraine in its defense against Russian aggression.

“I want to assure America’s allies, the American people and the people of Ukraine that they can count on our support,” he said.

“Those who vote to support Ukraine with majorities in the House and Senate, Democratic or Republican, will allow more people to die in Ukraine for purely political reasons,” he added.

Responding to Republican Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s question about his credibility, he noted that Biden had struck a deal after withdrawing all requests for a resolution, except for mentioning aid to Ukraine.

“We have concluded an agreement on Ukraine, so we will find out soon,” he stressed.

The US President did not explain the specific content of the said agreement.

“I expect the Speaker [Кевін Маккарті] “We will maintain the loyalty of the people of Ukraine and ensure they receive the support they need to help Ukraine through this difficult time,” Biden added.

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It is worth recalling that US President Joe Biden previously said that US support for Ukraine cannot be interrupted under any circumstances. He responded by accepting the government’s temporary funding plan for 45 days, which does not include funding for Ukraine.

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