What if China doesn’t supply medicine to Europe? Not good news for Boss Mottola

23.04.2023 8:44 | reality

Economist, lawyer, former Minister of Health and former long-time member of ČSSD and director of the Motola Miloslav Ludwig Teaching Hospital was a guest of presenter Aleksandra Mainarová on XTV.cz. “Europe will now meet what is ecologically right and what is necessary in many sectors,” Ludwig said.

What if China doesn't supply medicine to Europe?  Not good news for Boss Mottola

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“If China goes mad, there will be nothing here to cool the fever. Does this scare you?” Host Ludwig asked at the beginning. “Not only China, because India is a producer like China. To a certain extent, Russia too, but today that is out of the question, but to a certain extent you are right, however, China has to take action against the whole of Europe. .because basically the pharmaceutical industry today is global and the Czech pharmaceutical industry is almost non-existent. Of course, we have Zentiva, which is more or less an export company. So, if China misleads Europe, that could really be a problem,” Ludwig said.

“They have a problem with that, I was recently on business in India where we were trying to find something like an alternative supplier,” Ludwig further admitted.


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“With the current environmental regulations, I’m afraid the drugs will basically fall into the unsalable category,” he said, when asked if the production of the drugs should be moved to Europe soon. “And there’s also the question of whether it’s even possible to resume production, because production is really ecologically – now I apologize for the expression – fujtajbl,” he added.

“Europe will now meet what is ecologically correct and necessary in many fields,” Ludwig said, adding that in his opinion, the topic could be one of the main topics before the upcoming elections to the European Parliament. “We have to start thinking about the balance. Today it’s very skewed in favor of ecology,” he noted. For him, health comes first. “It seems to me that we’re shooting ourselves in the foot in Europe,” he said.

Ludwig left the Social Democrats last year. The reason is that Ms. Sabatova led the coalition for the municipal elections. Did he consider any other political involvement? “No. When you’ve been in a party for 32 years, I can’t imagine going anywhere else, not really,” Ludwig concluded.

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