Two boys were seriously injured in the brawl outside the bar, and police have registered a case against the attackers

“At midnight a clash and verbal altercation broke out between two groups of foreigners in front of the bar. However, the clash turned into a physical fight during which one of the actors hit a seventeen-year-old youth on the head, the moment the victim’s back was turned to him. The youth went completely limp and fell to the ground, where he hit his head on the stone pavement. , lying motionless on the spot,” police spokeswoman Eva Gropakova described one of the cases. The injured man was helped by his friends, who required several weeks of treatment for a head injury.

Soon, another conflict broke out. “One of the actors hit another youth on the head until he fell to the ground, where several people kicked him. Friends who tried to protect him were also hit in the face with barrages. One of the seventeen-year-old youths was hit so hard that he fell with his full weight to the ground, where he also hit his head and fell unconscious,” the spokesperson said. He described the attack.

The second victim suffered a fractured skull during the fall and was at risk of brain swelling due to internal bleeding. Thanks to the quick intervention and surgery of rescue personnel, the victim survived. At this time, it is unclear whether the injury will leave permanent effects. The young man is still under the observation of doctors.

“Thanks to a good job, criminal investigators were able to establish the identity and arrest both attackers. Both 21-year-olds were charged with grievous bodily harm and disorderly conduct, for which they face up to ten years in prison,” Kropakova added.

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