Dear Karl, Friend Petra, Within ten years, the Czech Republic and Austria will be connected by highways and high-speed trains. They believe both sides

Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala (left) and Austrian Chancellor Karl Neuhammer arrive for a press conference after a joint meeting in Vienna.
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NThey were far from always beautiful relationships, quite the opposite. After the fall of the Iron Curtain, the Czech Republic and Austria were divided by many issues. At the political level, it was essentially a completely different view of nuclear power. For many the Zwentendorf power plant, completed but not operational after pressure from environmentalists and a close vote of 50.47:49.53 percent, has become a symbolic monument to Austria’s nuclear breakdown. , the Czechs have long defended the nuclear power plant despite numerous complaints from their southern neighbors.

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  • What else separates the Czech Republic and Austria?
  • When will essential transport infrastructure be transferred between the two countries?
  • How do Austrian railway and road workers see the speed with which Czechs are building transport links to the border?

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