Zelenskyi was annoyed by the way the US underestimated the armed forces – world – tsn.ua.

US intelligence continues to underestimate the capabilities of the Ukrainian military on the battlefield. Zelensky’s administration is deeply dissatisfied with the Pentagon’s stance.

In America, they believe that Ukraine Crimea is impossible to conquer In the future Russian troops. Such an assessment dismays Ukrainian officials, who consider retaking the peninsula one of their main goals. Already preparing for a major counterattack this spring.

The publication writes about it Politics Citing his sources during a secret briefing at the Pentagon.

According to Ukraine’s leadership, US intelligence had misjudged the capabilities of the Ukrainian military throughout the entire period of the full-scale war. According to the publication, the office of the President of Ukraine is “angry”, in particular, about the recent comments of General Mark Milley, who said that the return of Crimea in 2023 is unlikely.

It should be noted that Pentagon spokeswoman Sabrina Singh said, “With As for Ukraine’s ability to fight back and regain its sovereign territory, its excellent performance in deterring Russian aggression and consistent adaptability on the battlefield speak for themselves.”

Let us remind you that the head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Kyrillo Budanov, said that Ukraine should do everything to occupy the Ukrainian Crimea illegally annexed by Russia. Until the summer of 2023.

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