Changes in Mobilization: What Restrictions on Evaders Are Excluded from Draft Law – People's Sup

They decided to avoid blocking accounts from the draft law, as authorities could do so through regulatory actions of the National Bank.

In the updated draft law on mobilization, the task force has removed restrictions on the use of motor vehicles and the blocking of accounts of draft evaders.

about this reported Member of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on National Security, Defense and Intelligence, Vadim Ivchenko, on Radio Svoboda.

According to the People's Representative, they decided to exclude the blocking of accounts because “authorities, in principle, can do it by regulatory actions of the National Bank.”

“All the other restrictions, as far as I can remember, have been supported by the task force and will now be considered by the committee,” he said.

At the same time, the People's Deputy stressed that the main regulations currently being discussed in the Council do not concern restrictions.

“The first is mobilization. The second is mobilization by law or the decision of the Stavka. The third is the question of caregivers of the disabled and what to do with them. The fourth is an electronic cabinet and a summons by e-mail through the electronic cabinet,” Ivchenko said.

We will remind you that the Verkhovna Rada promises that the mobilization bill can be voted on at the end of March. Loud debates over the terms of the scandalous document gather pace. The greatest resonance was caused by amendments relating to the limitation of constitutional rights and freedoms.

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