He sold his own wife to sex-hungry men, for which he kidnapped a stranger's child. He got three years

A person was sentenced at the Třebíč District Court for child abduction, pimping and torture. However, he disagreed with the verdict and appealed to the Regional Court in Brno.

According to the charge sheet, the man left for a girl who was to be taken from her parents' care and raised by other family members. He hid for days with a small child he thought might be his child before he was caught. Unfortunately, the child did not fare well while staying with him.

“He acted recklessly, without thinking, he realized he was wrong. He must accept the punishment for this and promise not to do it again,” the man's lawyer commented on his client's actions before the appeals committee.

I will cut off your head and you will fly into the air. A pensioner goes to jail for abusing his wife


The man denied selling his wife under torture as opposed to kidnapping. “The victim is a heavy drinker, he is somewhat unreliable and has a tendency to manipulate reality. The client now works, has a new girlfriend, and lives an orderly life. The sentence is too severe. The client is the guardian of his sick mother, and he is homeless and dependent on the help of strangers. will be, this is dangerous for her,” the lawyer decided to play on emotions.

I thought casually. Johnny from Romania runs a brothel in South Bohemia and is on trial for rape.


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