A secret attack on Krosa: Officials announce latest news

Local authorities have not ruled out the death toll rising.

After a rocket attack on the village StormIn the Kharkiv region, identification of the dead is underway.

Andriy Kanashevich, head of the Kubyan district military administration, announced this.

“Currently, the situation has not changed, the examinations are going on. For us, the bodies remained intact and we understand the number of people removed for examination … the number is already clear. And we understand that somewhere up to 4. People are the remains that require examinations. So, this The death toll will increase as a result of the terrorist attack, but it will be clear from Monday,” he said.

“Injured: 6 people, 2 medium, 4 serious. But till yesterday evening, doctors managed to stabilize them and let’s hope the doctors can seriously put these 4 on their feet,” he added. .

Strike in Groza village: What is known

On October 5, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation A rocket attack on Groza village Kupyan District, Kharkiv Region. A rocket hit a hotel where a memorial dinner was being held.

Residents of the village remembered soldier Andrei Kosyri. In the first days of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation, he returned from Poland to Ukraine and joined the ranks of the armed forces. However, he suffered a severe injury to his front neck. He was buried in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, as his home village of Groza was occupied at the time. Later, the family decided to rebury him.

As of October 6, 52 dead residents of Groza village were known. One person died in hospital and the injured were seriously injured. State emergency services units cleared the debris and recovered all the bodies. A portion of the bodies have now been identified.

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Commenting on the Russian military’s missile attack on the village of Krosa in the Kharkiv region, Russian presidential spokesman Dmytro Peskov said the Russian armed forces “do not attack civilian targets.”

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