Bombing of Sumy region by Russian troops on August 18 – OVA called Destruction

On August 18, the communities of Seredino-Butsk, Kotinsk, Filopolsk, Krasnopilsk, Shalykinsk, Esmansk, Mykolayivsk, Velikopisarivsk, Snob-Novgorodsk came under fire from Russian troops.

A total of 124 outbreaks were reported.

Attack Data:

  • Ceredino-Butsk community: Invaders fired mortars (13 explosions) and artillery. As a result of one of the artillery shells, 1 private house, a crane, 2 cars, warehouses, a gas station, a hangar and a power line were damaged.
  • Philopol Community: Enemy fired (6 bursts).
  • Community of Kot: Russian troops drop 16 mines. As a result of the shelling, 1 private house was damaged.
  • Velikopsarov Community: The enemy fired artillery (8 bursts) and mortars (12 bursts).
  • Krasnopil community: Occupiers fire cannons (9 explosions). As a result of the strike, warehouses of agricultural enterprises were destroyed.
  • Shalyginsk community: Enemy mortar fire (7 explosions) and artillery fire (6 explosions).
  • Esman Community: Russians attacked with AGS grenade launchers (10 explosions) and mortars (4 explosions).
  • Mykolaiv Rural Community: Abandoned in Enemy Territory 13 min.
  • Znob-Novgorodsk community: Russian troops hit by mortars (4 explosions).

The situation in the Sumy region

In Sumy Oblast, settlements in the border areas are under almost daily shelling by the Russian occupiers. The enemy uses mortars, artillery, drones and other types of weapons for attacks.

On August 13, invaders shelled 9 regional communities in Sumy region, and as a result of the attacks, houses were damaged.

On August 11, the aggressors launched 9 shelling attacks on border communities in the Sumy region, resulting in damaged houses.

The previous day, on August 10, Russian shelling had damaged cultural and auto complexes in some communities in the region.

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