Humenyuk announced new gestures of goodwill from the occupiers in the south

He commented on the anniversary of the liberation of Zmiiny Island. The aggressors themselves called the escape from Smini a “gesture of kindness”.

Humenyuk noted that the operation consisted of the systematic work of Ukrainian troops. According to him, the aggressors will soon repeat their so-called “gesture” in the south of Ukraine.

“Such a ‘gesture of benevolence’, which the Russians repeatedly demonstrated during the full-scale invasion, took place under powerful pressure from the security forces. Especially, in the south. We continue to exert powerful pressure, so we must expect ‘gestures of goodwill’. If we don’t wait, we will catch up,” the spokesman said. said.

Zmiiny release anniversary

We will remind you that on June 30, 2022, the Russian invaders escaped from Snake Island in the Black Sea. This allowed Ukraine to prevent Russia from reaching the coast of the Odessa region, as well as opening a “grain corridor”.

Today, on the anniversary of the liberation of Zmiiny, the head of the Presidential Office Andriy Yermak and the Chief Directorate of the Ministry of Defense recalled the brave action of our troops, including intelligence units, SBU, air force, marines. Border Guards, Army Engineers and “Paractor” Operators.

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