“Do you have proof? We’ll call KRIT…” the Austrian leaps into Babis’ net. People are outraged

22.09.2023 22:39 | monitoring

Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Vít Rakušan from the STAN movement explained to Andrej Babiš on Twitter why he did not join the government with him. His main objection concerns Babis’ alleged falsehood. However, many Twitter users also have a problem with the Austrian for this reason. The dosimeter case was recalled.

“Do you have proof?  Let's call KRIT…

Hans Stumpera

Description: Home Minister Vith Ragusan

The leader of the ANO movement, Andrej Babiš, expressed his opinion on the position of the STAN movement on Twitter, saying that they would never join him in government because of their belief in liberal democracy and the Czech Republic’s pro-Western orientation. .

“The head of organized crime STAN will not join the government with me,” Babiš laughed at STAN’s post. “I founded the ANO movement to fight corruption. Against people like you,” he told elders and independents.

Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Vít Rakušan (STAN) responded to Babiš and explained the real reason why he would not form a government with him and his ANO party. “My reason is clear: you cannot be trusted. You lie,” cried Austria’s Babische.

In his opinion, Babis made a lie in his statement about why he founded the ANO movement – it was not because of the fight against corruption. “Still lying. You founded the ANO movement because your 90-plus friends in the anti-trafficking cartel didn’t want to share the loot with you. So you came up with a vehicle that allowed you to turn yourself into a subsidized president and manipulate private business through politics,” the Austrian said. wrote

However, many Twitter users feel that the Austrian should not be talking about lying. “You lied about raising taxes, your fellow party members signed huge lawsuits in Prague. Keep calm. You promised change after Babiš, you are right,” Matěj Gregor, head of the Odchod.EU association and member of the Svobodné group, told Austria via social network.

Another Twitter user suggested some self-nomination for the Austrian: “You’re the one saying that. You campaigned on lies and won votes with lies… a little self-reflection wouldn’t hurt.

Another netizen was amused to see the Home Minister post. “It’s shocking to see the deputy head of the previous sad government, after the dosimeter case, after false arguments in defense of cheap labor force, burn with words about the fact that the political opponent is lying,” the user wrote. .

Other users also fondly reminded the Austrians of the Dosimeter case, a police action from 2022 in connection with a corruption investigation related to the management of the transport company of the capital city of Prague. Among others, Prague deputy mayor Pietr Hlubusek, a member of the Stan movement, was arrested.

Others called on the Austrian to provide evidence for his claim. “Do you have any evidence? Or are we calling KRIT for spreading misinformation?” asked a Twitter user for an answer.


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