Bogaslev’s associate’s “Motor Sich” sold aircraft engines to Iran – investigation

Investigative journalists obtained documents testifying to the cooperation of the Ukrainian strategic agency with sanctioned Iranian entities.

The Zaporizhia company “Motor Sich”, headed by Vyacheslav Pokhaslev, accused of collaborating with the Russian Federation, sold aircraft engines to companies in Iran that were under US and EU sanctions.

about this was discovered “Project” investigators.

Documents obtained by journalists show that Motorsich has sold AI-9 and TV3-117 aircraft engines, which are, in particular, installed in Ka-52 military helicopters used by Russia in the war against Ukraine.

One of the Iranian companies, with the leadership of which Bogoslav and his subordinates are in active contact, is involved in the development of the Shahed-171 and Shahed-136 drones together with another sanctioned company from Iran.

Documentary evidence of Motor Chichi’s cooperation with companies sanctioned by the West was found by law enforcement officials in the office of Motor Chichi’s long-time chairman Bogaslev.

The “projects” singled out three Iranian companies with whom the Ukrainian company “Motor Sich” had cooperated for many years:

  • Design and manufacture of aeroengines (abbreviation: DAMA), another, same name – Turbine Engine Manufacturing Industries (TEM);
  • Iran Aircraft Industries (IACI);
  • Iran Aircraft Manufacturing Industry Company (HESA).

Realizing that direct trade with Iran was dangerous for business, Pokuzlev suggested engaging a Belarusian intermediary – “Belvneshprom Service”, according to the investigation.

As journalists have established, Oleg Tyuba, then head of the Department of Foreign Economic Activities of Motor Chichi, visited Belarus from June 14 to 18, 2021. In the same year, Bogoslav visited this country several times.

“Boguslev continued to do business with Iran throughout the entire invasion. Essentially, with the same people as before, just with changed corporate identities,” the investigators added.

We will remind that the head of JSC “Motor Sich” Vyacheslav Boguzlev is suspected of treason and working for the Russian Federation. The Shevchenkiv District Court of Kyiv chose preventive action for the leader of “Motor Chichi” as a preventive measure.

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