Pentagon Secretly Delivers Assault Preacher “Anti-Mine Spider” to Ukraine, – Forbes (Photo)

The Assault Breacher armored vehicle is capable of rapidly demining even dense enemy defenses. It is worth about 4 million dollars.

The U.S. may have secretly transferred at least one copy of the most powerful U.S. armored demining vehicle, the Assault Breacher, to Ukraine. about this informs Forbes.

“The U.S. has wisely moved at least one of its most powerful armored personnel carriers — and many more — to Ukraine,” the news release said.

Assault Preacher seen in Zelensky’s photos

Journalists noticed Equipment in photos of the event with the participation of Volodymyr Zelensky, when Ukraine celebrated the Day of Missile, Artillery and Engineering Forces on November 3.

US Delivers Assault Preacher “Mine-Resistant Spider” to Ukraine

US Delivers Assault Preacher “Mine-Resistant Spider” to Ukraine

In the photos, an American-made Assault Breacher can be seen in a collection of engineering combat equipment. This machine is capable of quickly clearing even dense enemy defenses.

A US armored demining machine costs $4 million

One of the images shows a 55-ton American armored vehicle worth $4 million. Assault armored personnel carrier’s crews can dig and safely detonate planted mines, fill trenches and build anti-tank ramparts, then mark them with small flags. A safe passage for tanks and combat vehicles, it breaks through at high speed

According to Lance Corporal Jonathan Murray, an assault marine engineer, the machine can clear a sector 10 times faster than manual engineers.

US Delivers Assault Preacher “Mine-Resistant Spider” to Ukraine

US Delivers Assault Preacher “Mine-Resistant Spider” to Ukraine

Attack Violator: Know what

ABV offensive demining vehicles have been in service with the US since 2010.

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In total, at least 39 machines were built. The Assault Preacher vehicle is based on the American M1 Abrams tank.

“Commanders in the field say Assault Breacher offers better protection than the equipment they currently use or have used, reducing the number of vehicles at the breach point,” said Randall Fleck, director of Pearson, the British company that makes Assault Breacher. .

US Delivers Assault Preacher “Mine-Resistant Spider” to Ukraine

In addition to tank armor, the ABV received dynamic protection and a front-mounted plow – a 4.6-meter-wide mining dump with metal “skis”. Instead of a tank tower, a special tower with two systems of linear explosive charges was installed.

The supper tank is staffed by two people. Defensive armament is limited to 12.7 mm machine gun. At the same time, the total length of the combat vehicle reached 12 meters, and the weight increased to almost 72 tons.

It is worth recalling that on June 26, the Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine Mykhailo Fedorov announced that 206 heavy shot unmanned aerial vehicles were handed over to the Armed Forces of Ukraine under the state project “Drone Army”.

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