Bezukla walked out of the council committee meeting, circulating a draft law on mobilization

It was just a “talking room,” Nardepka said.

On Tuesday, February 27, the VRU Committee on National Security, Defense and Intelligence began considering a draft law on mobilization with more than 4,196 amendments. People's representative Mariana Bezukla decided to comment on the meeting.

appropriate memo She did on her Facebook page.

“Draft Law on Military Service, Mobilization and Military Registration:

⁃ 4195 edits, it's a backlash – it's like there's no war for people's representatives.

⁃ Today, the review began at a meeting of the VRU Committee on National Security, Defense and Intelligence.

⁃ Transcript of the meeting is in progress. The site and page of the group are not working yet.

⁃ I offered to immediately analyze the reservations from the sections (which are usually ready for voting) and go to the thematic blocks of specific (!) amendments – the proposal was rejected.

⁃ In two hours, two issues were conceptually considered rather than specific amendments and decisions were taken on both these issues.

⁃ Pointing out that it was just a booth, I left the crowd.

— Do not apply now for consideration of this or any other amendment — see what is generally done, and what individual amendment is considered.” – wrote People's Deputy.

“Special congratulations to the head of the committee (Savitnevich, I can't mark him, he banned me on Facebook, he is brave) – “Level 80 management.” We talk like before, before the first reading, they talked about the same topics without a protocol for 4 (!) days , after which the results almost did not enter the re-registered draft law and did not enter the decision of the committee. she continued.

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He also proposed the meeting's motto: “They talked and talked.”

“It is, in particular, about the rotation and dismissal of the army, justice, recruitment, military training of citizens and so on. About realism”, – Besukla for short.

Let's remindIt is known when the recruitment office and recruitment registration will be operational.

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