The Ukrainian command did not save the lives of the army – Russia has introduced a new IPSO – news in UNN

KYIV. April 14. UNN The Russians introduced a new IPSO – the Ukrainian military command apparently did not save the lives of Ukrainian soldiers. Ukrainian Deputy Minister of Defense Hanna Malyar wrote about this in her telegram, according to reports UNN.


“Today, Russian Ipso again focused on the Pakmuth topic, and everyone starts the same story – the Ukrainian military command will not save the lives of the army,” Malyar wrote.


As the Deputy Minister of Defense noted, this is not the first time that the Russians have taken the texts of the Ukrainian command regarding Russians and passed them on their own.

Hanna Malyar noted that the purpose of such Russian interventions is to undermine confidence in the decisions of the Ukrainian military command and to fuel discontent in Ukrainian society.

“Actually, numbers and facts speak for themselves. Russian losses in Pakmut are many times higher. There are days when the difference reaches 10 times.

People are not spared by those who command us to occupy our land and concentrate their great efforts in Bagmut to seize control of the city at any cost. Instead, we defend ourselves and prevent the enemy from advancing deeper into the territory. “Unfortunately, this is a war, and defense is impossible without losses,” Malier wrote.

The Deputy Minister of Defense emphasized that saving the lives of Ukrainian soldiers is a priority of the military command, and the military has repeatedly explained the decisions made during public communications.

Let’s remind

The Armed Forces are 100% equipped with summer uniforms, according to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

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