Fiala, who opposes the ban on CBD products, wants to negotiate with Nekula

“I do not consider the State Agricultural Inspection’s proposal to ban CBD extract in food to be a happy one, and this is confirmed by the comments I have received from citizens and businesses,” Fiala said regarding the upcoming sales ban.

The prime minister wants to meet the minister and ask them to “try to find a viable solution rather than a total ban”.

The ban on the sale of CBD products is made in reference to EU regulation on novel foods. According to him, products containing CBD are called novel foods because they were not consumed in significant quantities in the Member States before May 1997. Therefore, Europeans cannot put them on the market until their safety is verified. Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the cannabinoids found in cannabis. Compared to THC and HHC, it is non-psychoactive and its use is free of side effects. People use CBD to suppress symptoms of anxiety or depression, relieve pain including neuropathic pain, improve sleep quality, and support the immune system.

Ban CBD? Stupid, after all, it helps people, experts tell the state


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