At first there was nothing for hours after Jaromr Sukkah. Paranto's television channels are off air due to unpaid electricity

KBarrando's TV channels were on air for almost nine hours on Saturday night. Only the monoscope lit up on the screen. According to the website The supplier disconnected the company from the electronics and the information was later confirmed by television representatives, TK said.

TV Barrandov, Kino Barrandov and Krimi Barrandov programs cannot be broadcast after 01:00. Colored stripes on the screens, inscription “Parent Group” and so on. Television resumed broadcasting at 10:00 p.m.

“After a unilateral action by the supplier, power was cut from Friday to Saturday night. At the end of the weekend, he announced that he would take delivery and fill it up on Saturday if the debt was not settled by the deadline. In the meantime, we turned on our own power sources and re-broadcasted TVB at ten in the morning. We apologize for the technical difficulties,” Andrea Geyer, executive editor of Television, told TK.

Due to debt, the company Barrandov Televizn Studio is blocked by banks and cannot carry out financial activities. Jaromr Soukup's company, recently joined by investor Jan ermk, is fully protected from the hacker that blocked them in the last few days. On Monday, a municipal court in Prague allowed the television company to lift a newly created personal moratorium, allowing the company to protect itself from the virus and continue operating.

The personal moratorium is a new tool introduced into Czech law last year. It aims to help companies that find themselves in a difficult financial situation and become insolvent in the event of prolonged insolvency. At the same time, it should be noted that thanks to the determined measures, they will be able to operate and pay their debts. However, Barrandov Televizn Studio must prepare a revised bill and submit it to the operator by the end of the month.

ermk from loszho jna owns half of Soukup's company Empresa Media, which in addition to TV Barrandov also includes the magazines Dden, Sedmika and Instinkt. Service-24, Ermco's company, specializes in helping companies with debts.

Barandov Television obtained the license to digitize the terrestrial broadcast and began broadcasting on January 11, 2009. It originally belonged to Barandov Film Studio, from which it took its name. Soukup bought it from owner Tom Grenko in 2012.

Over time, Soukup became his station's main broadcaster, gradually managing talk shows, news and lifestyle magazines. According to Barand, television gradually began to lose women, while in 2017 it showed 8.66 percent of viewers among 15-year-olds, a year later it was 6.91 percent, and in 2022 it was 3.21 percent. Television's economic power is associated with low viewership.

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