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Not everyone can be stormtroopers, tankers, or pilots, and “Kurt” believes that someone can build defense lines that don't currently exist.

Forcers They should be given the right to choose where they will serve and fight.

Such an opinion revealed A military man with the call sign “Kurt” commented on the problems of mobilization in the program of Konstantin and Vlada Liberov “Station Kramatorsk”.

“There is such an opinion: the one who wants to do, is looking for a way, and the one who wants to “untie” – an excuse … There (in the army – Ed.) all those who are needed, but we do not have enough people. And the motivation is that people should be awake in every way, so that men Understand that they are men… I think people should be given the right to choose where to serve and fight. Everyone can be a storm trooper, not everyone can be a tanker or a pilot… not everyone wants to be a sniper – someone. A defensive line can be created, which doesn't exist now. You can rally 10,000, 20,000 people and “you create a defensive line,” “Kurt” explained.

“Kurt” completed his military service in the 2000s. He came to the defense of Ukraine in 2014. He started as a casual scout of deep intelligence and in 2017 he retrained as a sniper-intelligence and became one of the best snipers of the defense forces. In the same year, Fighter Kurt & Company created the sniper group, which is now part of the 28th separate mechanized brigade, named after the heroes of the winter campaign and performing combat tasks in various areas of the front.

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Let's remind in Ukraine Mandatory age has been reduced to 25: President Volodymyr Zelensky signed the law.

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