Barabisna in the center of Prague is gone. Ndhern dm is served garnished

The original Gothic house was demolished in 1784 after it was taken over by the Evangelical Church of the Augsburg sect. Some of the ballrooms on the first floor were converted into a prayer room for 300 people and the apartments of the priest, cantor and church girl. In 1905, the choir sold dm. After that, apartments were built with its help, and there were spaces for shops and services on the ground floor. In the second half of the 20th century, the building fell into disrepair.

The reconstruction of the historic house, known in the past as Na skle, Na pskich and Ratzenbeck House, took place under the supervision of the genealogist of monuments and brought many surprising and unexpected discoveries.

Work began with the use of the original premises and the return to the most valuable layers of the house. Particularly valuable are the generous cellars, the location of the first tolerant prayer room in Prague and the baroque ceiling with chairs with Ondeja ki. The Vaulted Gothic Cellars were restoration rooms, and as part of the renovation, stairs and elevators were added for seamless access to all floors.

Baroque and classic paintings were preserved. Fragments of scenes with the image of the Virgin Mary and the humble saint were exposed on the facade street. The paintings were documented, restored and sealed. Later, the paintings were reconstructed, including rich detailing by R.M.

The first free time center serves two age groups, the fifth for children and juniors. Prague 1 does not yet have such a Jason. The range of functions is really different.

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Seniors and parents can sit outside and enjoy the new cafe in the basement. Lovers of theater performances and musicals will appreciate the new theater and rehearsal room in the basement.

Some of the reconstructions can be seen in the traveling exhibition Through our native dance.

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