The safari park also has another primate, the first in the Czech Republic to breed deer hyenas

Only three zoos worldwide have so far been able to breed hyena cubs, the smallest of which are half a meter tall.

The cubs are healthy and unusually active. “We anticipated the birth and ensured absolute silence near the quarters. The female takes good care of the cubs,” explains zoologist Gabriela Linhart.

An animal that is very difficult to reproduce is an amazing success

Director of Safari Park is Přemysl Rabas

“Compared to the cubs of other animals, hyenas are large, strong and well-developed. Already on the fourth day of birth, one left the maternity ward. The mother soon brought him back,” says the zoologist.

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One of the greatest achievements in history

Triumph is a litter of three puppies. Successful breeding will confirm the professionalism of royal breeders. If successful, it would be the most important breeding success in the court zoo's nearly eighty-year history.

Photo: Helena Hubakova, Nowinki

An adult male hyena

“The birth of cubs of an animal that is very difficult to breed is an amazing success. Hyenas have only bred in a few gardens so far,” notes Přemysl Rabas, director of the Dvur Králové Safari Park.

Photo: Helena Hubakova, Nowinki

A mother with a cub in the birthing shed

The maned hyenas were acquired by the safari park from a specialized breeding center in the Republic of South Africa (JAR) last May. South African breeders must personally guarantee optimal breeding conditions by the Director of Rabas Royal Court Zoo.

“I was given the opportunity to participate in the preventive vet check of the newborn cubs we wanted to get to the safari park. I personally guaranteed the quality of the facilities for these extraordinary animals,” explained Rabas.

“Getting male hyenas is very challenging. The zoologist from Dvor Králové spent a few weeks on an internship in South Africa, during which he got all the necessary information,” he added.

Photo: Archive of the Special Breeding Center for Manatee Hyenas in South Africa, News

Přemysl Rabas with hyenas in South Africa, which is the basis for royal breeding today

Food experts

Mandu hyenas have difficulty breeding due to their narrow dietary specialization, which feeds on only two types of termites. Putting together a menu to request the animals they love isn't easy. Hyenas are far from eating everything that breeders put under their noses.

The keepers of the safari park have created a special menu to suit each animal. Forage meals are made up of a mixture of dried and fresh insects, pellets or meat mixtures.

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“They were based on the papers of their colleagues in the Republic of South Africa and their own experience with the breeding of other food-specialized animals,” Rabas revealed. Cockroaches, crickets, and mealworms are the closest Czech insects to termites, for which hyenas have adapted bead-like teeth. “Adequate protein is important,” noted Rabas.

The safari park will display all the hyenas

Thanks to a pair of adults and three newborn maney hyena cubs, the Safari Park will host all representatives of the hyena family, spotted hyenas, spotted hyenas and brindle hyenas. “Such a collection has no parallel in the world,” said Michael Chastny, a spokesman for the safari park.

Hyenas from South African litters have found a home in the Czech Republic with Dvor Kralov at the Slin Zoo. Due to their special diet, only ten zoos worldwide breed these animals. The hyenas brought to the Czech Republic last year mark a return to domestic breeding after 65 years. A male hyena was once briefly housed at the Prague Zoo.

For the first time, a pair of Ostrava eagles care for a young one without the help of breeders.


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