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We are talking about Vremiivskyi and Robotynskyi shows.

Russian Invaders They set targets to capture ahead of the so-called presidential elections in Russia, but the security forces did not allow them to carry out their wishes.

Dmytro Likova, the spokesman of the United Press Center of the Defense Forces of the Tavria region, said this in a Telethon broadcast.

“If we deviate a little from some patterns, I can single out the events in the direction of Orihiv, where, although the enemy's attacks were relatively few – today five, a new point of the enemy's offensive attempts appeared in its geography. – This is called The Vremiv performance, where the Russians started at night and launched attacks on foot. conduct,” he said.

According to the spokesman, the Vremiivsky performance was roughly on the border of the Donetsk and Zaporizhzhia regions, where the situation had previously been relatively calm.

“Now it is clear that this is another point where the enemy is trying to direct his offensive. Perhaps, because the presidential elections in Russia are approaching and the occupying forces need to show some results, it is clear that they should try to take back from us the territories occupied and liberated by the Ukrainian army during our offensive campaign last year. ,” he said.

Likovy said that it was about the villages of Urosin and Staromyorske – today it is in this direction that the enemy is attacking.

In Robotini District – The aggressors continue to create a certain pressure on the Robotini Ledge, said the spokesman of the United Press Center of the Defense Forces of the Dori direction.

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“We have some intelligence that the Muscovites had a special desire to seize this speech before or before the presidential election. Since mid-February, starting last week, pressure has increased this week. And offensive operations, but everything has led to nothing. Robotyn is under the control of the armed forces of Ukraine and the enemy is there. Slowdown continues offensive operations and “feels” the front line, Lykovy concluded.

Let's remind The Kremlin wants to ensure a high level of support for Russian President Vladimir Putin Elections will be held on March 17.

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