esk vletnk: I walked around the best city to live

Parents must be so depraved and morally depraved that they cannot be kept on the same peg. They shouldn’t have been fools, said Wadek, founder of Oliva’s Children’s Hospital or the bakery in Anech. When I was little, it always scared me when one of my roommates said he was going to a sanatorium. It was usually for a long time, without a mother, it was like a camp, where the poor were pouring.

Today Olivovna rehabilitates children with overweight or respiratory diseases. Alois Oliva was a great politician and businessman from the 19th century, he and his wife Luisa first established something like a sticker shop, but its purpose gradually changed.

Dtsk lebna Olivovna stands in the middle of the park on an edge.

In addition to the castle, they also have a castle, because the Olive Garden looks like a castle at the entrance to the city. On the other hand, it is a Kafkaesque castle because it stands behind a closed gate and barrier, in a closed complex with a large park. Little children walk behind the fence with their mothers, and you play games. The classic building is only a dog fence to be seen by a hunter. Code.

Na badest rovnobse

No one swims there, or the water is too cold, local restaurateurs said, worried about new competition at the mine. But the Jurek bathhouse, built in 1937, today named after the longtime German Anton Jurek, lasted only there and by 1950 it was a favorite.

From Olivovna, I first fell in love with Zuriek, where he had his room and the party of the actor of the First Republic (in everyday view, a little slimy) Oldich November.

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On the run, there is a real First Republic summer restaurant with a garden over the water, where you can imagine a budding spring summer world over an iced pint. Today there is a curious inflatable statue next to the restaurant. You can blow up the statue of Mr. I was able to find out that it was a statue of Matjeh al-Ali, known as the Charm of Personality.

It crosses the 50th parallel, and its long route is marked by a pylon and row in the Zürich Forest Park.

The restaurant on board the Zurich is in the style of a summer town of the First Republic.

Go through the 50th parallel. So, of course, she passes or lies in many cities of the Czech Republic, but nowhere else do they behave as well as Anna. I have forgotten this river in many places on the map (for example, in Lipsauci u St. Nat Orlik), but in those years they erected a post along the road in the Zuriek Forest Park, with which the dog road connects. Everyone can cross the parallel line there. In the neighborhood, there is an outdoor exhibit with several panels showing where the 50th parallel goes. In Anech, you can go to an inaccessible prison, but I was interested in going through the nuclear tunnel in Kazakhstan.

Japanese garden

It was a great surprise for me to find one of the most beautiful European Japanese gardens located in the middle of ordinary garden colonies. Rajats and Kohrabi Abbreviation Japan.

It could be an Eisen-style garden. Everyone here immediately knows what Eisen is. Funny, I certainly didn’t know that and I couldn’t find it in any of these sources on the internet. The garden is frugal and unspoilt. I was expecting a lot of different places, lights and bags. At the entrance, there is a stone lamp, but a large tree is covered with a tree, there are lamps, and at the end it is time. I don’t want to focus on meditation and piantics.

A fort in the middle of the town

In the center I visited the English Castle, perhaps the most important local monument. You don’t have to climb the hill for that, an English fort is being built right next to the square. It is the memory of the rising of the sun. On the other hand, only one of the perimeters with windows remains, looking romantically and interestingly at the landscape.

At Anska Castle, only a large castle with windows remained, but it rivaled the royal castle in its originality.

On the wall is a small model of the fort of St. Nejwat in its heyday. It took me a long time to find out which of the walls of the original fort were preserved to this day. It is written on a plaque that it was a heavily built fort, and even when it suffered from Ondeji’s outcry from Wekrom, it attained the fullness of royal palaces. Don’t forget to cover your shoulders above it.

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A reminder of laziness

More than one idol has fallen among them. On the way to the center from the train, there is a concrete statue of Uku Castle in the park. In fact, it can be a monument to laziness, because laziness is also a need. So I sat in the castle and lazed for a while looking at the hardworking farmer Anton Vehla, ie his statue on the pedestal. If you don’t laugh on the train and you have to go on the train, check out the full-length painting of a dog biting a guest’s tail. A concrete screw side.

A concrete fortress I called a monument to laziness. Stand on the road from ndra to nmst.

The Vrasan English sundial was created in 1978 by Karel Harka from Stranice. It is in the garden of the museum’s stamp.

I would like to draw your attention to an unasked artifact. Sunny hour in the Matesk Kola gardens on the corner of Tefnikova and Rdlova streets. They’re not entirely interesting or impressive, but they’re punchy and special. You look like some sort of aircraft radar. They were created by Karel Harga in 1978 and have an inherent heel.

As I was walking through Prague and a small town at best, a public transport bus passed by with a sign saying public transport is free. So one reason came around first. But not only that. They’re casually comfortable, that’s not the case.

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