A nursing home can continue to function in poor conditions

The Hvězda home for the elderly in Zlín, which had dangerous conditions while caring for clients, can continue to operate thanks to a court ruling.

As we have already described, the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs revoked the home's license at the end of this year. But the campus management defended itself with a lawsuit. And, as he pointed out on Wednesday Czech TelevisionThe Brno Regional Court has now reached a decision that, before the case is decided, the house can continue its proceedings.

Those old people who stayed in Hvězda in Zlín do not have to go anywhere else now. From the court decision, CTK cited, this action may endanger their lives and health.

The reports have repeatedly highlighted the conditions in the Hvězda house. For example, we brought the testimonies of family members of the elderly who described long-term neglect, filth, lack of food and theft. They said they had to clean the rooms themselves, bring hygiene products to their loved ones, and sometimes wash and change their own diapers.

As former employees complained about improper pay, director Miroslava Kalivotova demanded tens of thousands of crowns as a “sponsorship gift” as a condition for allowing a senior citizen to Hvězda.

The director said he was only speaking in general terms. “That is not true. A financial prize is not a condition for us, that is why it is a sponsorship prize. “Many times when someone gives a gift and changes their mind, we always return the gift,” says Kalivotova.

Over the years, Hvězda's management suffered multi-million dollar losses. In addition, several investigations have not yet been completed, and the police are also investigating the Hvězda administration.

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