“Pro-Russian operation on the Polish border”: a documentary released on YouTube, which examines the real motive of the blockaders

The tape tells about the real reasons for the blockade on the Polish-Ukrainian border, the goals – declared and hidden, the impact of the political conflict inside Poland, the reasons for the inaction of its previous government and why the situation cannot remain. About the organizers of the protests and the real beneficiaries of the blockades, it was quickly resolved by the newcomer

People's Deputy of Ukraine Mykola Knyazhytskyi He directed the documentary “Pro-Russian operation on the Polish border”, in which he examines what is really happening on the Polish border and how to open a “corridor of life” for Ukraine. “Media Detector” was informed about this by the press service of “Espresso” TV channel.

The author of the film gives his own answers to the questions of many Ukrainians: why did the roads on the Polish-Ukrainian border begin to be blocked, why is it not easy to block the border? How to resolve the situation and what should the Ukrainian authorities do now?

“Mykola Kiazidski carefully studied the situation, visited both sides of the border, met with Polish government officials, and made inquiries to Ukrainian ministries”– The press service said in a comment.

It is noteworthy that the film tells about the impact of the political conflict within Poland, the reasons for the inaction of its previous government and the real reasons, goals – declared and hidden – about why the new government could not resolve the situation quickly. , about the protesters and the real beneficiaries of the blockade.

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“Only about 600 km of border connecting Ukraine to Europe was blocked Fifty people. After them is standing An extensive network of agents of influence. The picture is who Raffael Meckler, Janusz Korwin-Mike, Kreskors Braun and the pro-Russian party “Confederation” gathered under their roof, what statements they made about Ukraine before and what Russian stories they are promoting now.– mentioned in the annotation for the tape.

Mykola Knyazhytsky draws attention to himself “The real purpose of this blockade is to help the occupying country destroy us. We always lose when we beat each other, and in this situation Russia always wins.”.

He insists that everyone in Warsaw does not understand that this is about the national security not only of Ukraine, but also of Poland: “As the old government was not functioning, they handed over the problem to the new government.

The author of the film also notes that the recent visit to Ukraine by the new foreign minister, Radoslaw Sikorsky, has not yet changed the situation: just before Christmas, only one checkpoint where the farmers were standing was blocked, however, blocking of the other three checkpoints continues.

“After the response of the Ministry of Infrastructure to my request, I realized that the government does not have a clear action plan. And based on the results of my trip to Poland, I officially addressed the President of Ukraine and the head of the Verkhovna Rada with specific plans on what to do in Ukraine.”– says Knyazhytskyi.

Among his proposals: appeal to Poland's president, government and parliament with an explanation that the situation on the border is a matter of national security for Ukraine; conduct a meeting of the National Security Council and, based on its results, convene a joint meeting with the National Security Council of Poland; Initiating a Ukrainian-Polish inter-parliamentary meeting to find a way to block the border; Convene a joint meeting of the Foreign Affairs Committees of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and the Republic of Poland.

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“The most important thing for the authorities to do is to finally realize that blocking the border is a special operation by Russia. It directly undermines our security capabilities.”– summed up the politician in the film.

Photo provided by press service of “Espresso” TV channel.

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