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The Kremlin master entertained Russian propagandists by counting the tanks being manufactured and modernized in the Russian Federation for the war with Ukraine.

President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin says that in three years, Russia will produce and modernize more than 1,600 tanks.

He said this in an interview with Russian propagandist Pavel Zarubin on the “Moscow” program. The Kremlin. Putin”, part of it aired TV channel “Russia-24”.

Commenting on the supply of Western tanks to Ukraine, the Kremlin dreamer noted that Russia would modernize and produce more combat vehicles in three years than the armed forces would receive.

“Instigators [тобто країни Заходу] “We plan to send 420 or 440 tanks to Ukraine… During this time, we will produce new ones and modernize more than 1,600 existing tanks,” Putin promised.

According to him, the total number of tanks of the Russian army will be three times more than the number of tanks of the armed forces.

“Even more than three times…” – said the Russian president, referring to the modernization of the good old T-34s, which one of the Russian propagandist Solovyov’s “experts” promised to remove from their pews. War.

It is worth recalling that the “expert” invited to the Russian propagandists considers the possibility of using World War II tanks installed as monuments in the war against Ukraine as real.

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